Ulyanovsk - Aviation Capital

Russia hardly has another region in the territory of which there were at the same time the advanced aircraft factory «Aviastar-SP», two airports of class «A» (one of which is able to take even the «Space Shuttle», and upon which there is being created a special economic zone of the port type), the only Aviation School of Civil Aviation in the country and a number of companies and organizations involved in producing aircraft components and researching developments in the aviation field.

CJSC «Aviastar-SP», member of JSC «United Aircraft Corporation», is a major producer of civil aircraft in the Russian Federation. Currently, JSC «Aviastar-SP»  is one of the most modern aircraft building companies in Russia equipped with high-tech equipment and is the only enterprise in Russia producing heavy transport aircraft An-124 «Ruslan» and medium passenger and cargo aircraft Tu-204 for domestic market and for export.

Since 1985 the company have been producing a series of unique transport aircraft An-124-100, the maximum capacity of which reaches 150 tons. Today there are no  aircrafts equal to AN-124-100  in the world . The largest operators of aircraft «Ruslan» are Russian airlines «Volga-Dnepr» and «Polet».

Manufacture of complex aviation equipment involved Ulianovschi enterprise OJSC «Cliff», OJSC «UKPB», seat aircraft are manufactured at SIA «unit». With the participation of the Government of the Ulyanovsk region commenced The construction of a factory producing lightweight jet aircraft «ECLIPSE 500" has been commenced supported by the Government of the Ulyanovsk region.

The Ulyanovsk enterprises  OJSC "Utes" and OJSC " UKPB "are engaged in manufacturing of complex aviation devices, armchairs for planes are made in OJSC "Agregat ". With support of the Government of the Ulyanovsk region there has begun construction of a factory producing lightweight jet aircraft «ECLIPSE 500».

Highly qualified scientists and teachers are training engineers for almost all industrial fields, as well as specialists in all other spheres of activity of factories. Moreover, the Ulyanovsk Aviation Higher College of Civil Aviation trains crew for the Civil Aviation.

Specialist Bureau, departments of universities and scientific organizations, are constantly conducting research and development in the field of new technologies, materials and components. The Ulyanovsk branch of the CB «Tupolev», OJSC «The Ulyanovsk research institute of aviation technology and production», the Ulyanovsk Scientific and Technological Center «All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aircraft Materials», «the Ulyanovsk State Design and Scientific Research Institute for the aviation industry" are now successfully functioning in Ulyanovsk

Today, there has been set an ambitious task - to transform the Ulyanovsk oblast  into the  aviation capital of Russia in five years.

The future aviation cluster of the Ulyanovsk region is a system which will include the organizations of the development, production, testing, maintenance, modernization, repair and maintenance of the aircraft. It must become the most high-tech sector of the regional economy.

Founding of the cluster, and especially research, developmental and educational institutions of aviation, will provide accumulation of high technologies, and will  positively influence other branches of economy of the Ulyanovsk oblast.

An important aspect in becoming the aviation capital of Russia was a victory of the Ulyanovsk oblast in the competition on building a port special economic zone (PSEZ).

Today,  special economic zones are new, economically effective means of development. The world experience shows that such zones are rather to become the key points of national economy growth.

The main difference of our zone from others is that it is based on a property complex ready for founding a free economic zone. It is founded on the basis of the international airport " Ulyanovsk-Vostochny " constructed in the 80-s. The airport possesses a unique runway-landing which is capable to accept any air vessels existing in the world, including space shuttles.

The PSEZ makes 640 hectares and practically coincides with borders of the airport. In the long term it can be expanded minimum by 2 times. In its future territory there is already a minimal set of all necessary infrastructure for start-up.

As international experience has shown, the special economic zones are fairly effective tool for cluster development. The concentration of production in one area allows you to form a stable system distributing new technologies, knowledge and products.

Other industrial zones are focused primarily on forming clusters producing household appliances - Lipetsk; clusters of motor car and petrochemical industries - «Alabuga»; port -area in Krasnoyarsk - the establishment of terminal and logistics cluster. The main trends of our port area involve: first, the creation of cluster of maintaining and repairing of aircraft, and secondly, the creation of the cluster of aircraft assembly industries, modernizing and converting aircraft productions, and only the third, the development of terminal and logistics unit.

Formation of these clusters in the Ulyanovsk PSEZ will enable our country to enter the new markets and to receive new technologies to produce products and the services exported abroad. Today the world market of aircraft maintenance service makes 140 billion dollars and, according to experts, will grow by 50 % in 10 years. Currently, the share of Russia in this market is close to zero. Our country looks a white spot on the world map since there are no aircraft maintenance enterprises. Our port -zone is to become the first one in Russia.

Development of special economic zones of port type is one of the major fields where the state and business should join their efforts in order to solve the problems of civil aircraft and aircraft construction.