Year of youth and healthy way of life

2009 is declared at a federal level to be the Year of youth, and in the Ulyanovsk oblast it is the Year of a healthy way of life

The Year of youth and Year of a healthy way of life started in the Ulyanovsk oblast on December, 18th, 2008 within the framework of the first Governor's student's ball.

Sergey Morozov, the Governor, Pavel Tarakanov, the chairman of the State Duma Youth Affairs Committee of the Russian Federation Federal Assembly, Alexander Povalko  , deputy head of Federal Youth Affairs agency have taken part in this solemn event

About 500 people have come to the Governor's ball. They were the representatives of the student's public working and rural youth of the region. The day before they had been given a lesson of classical ball dances under direction of the famous choreographers of the Ulyanovsk oblast.

The Governor Sergey Morozov gave a greeting speech to participants of the ball. «Your successes and achievements in sports, study, public work and other spheres evokes a feeling of pride of our youth in me. However the high status also demands greater responsibility. You always should remain leaders, lead the others after you, show your contemporaries an example of permanent  work to the benefit of the Ulyanovsk oblast and all Russia », - Sergey Morozov has declared.

The Governor mentioned that the Year of youth declared in the Russian Federation, and the Year of the Healthy way of life declared in the Ulyanovsk oblast is an opportunity to undertake real steps to make the surrounding world better, more kindly, more cosy. « 2006 had been declared the Year of youth in the Ulyanovsk area. In 2007 this initiative was supported in the Privolzsky federal district. It is pleasant, that now the Year of youth is carried out at a federal level », - Sergey Morozov has emphasized.

According to Sergey Morozov's words, in the project of the regional budget for the three-year period the financing of youth programs is planned to be sufficient. We will not save on the youth. It is important that these funds were used to find the most effective, real solutions to youth problems », - said Governor.

In the federal Year of youth the emphasis will be made on three basic directions: « It is important for us first of all to provide young people with good education, worthy jobs  and opportunity for career growth, secondly, to help young families to find accessible accommodation, and, thirdly, to enable and impart desire to young people to live a healthy  life ».

Within the framework  of the Year of  healthy way of life the have been identified the three directions of the project realization: strengthening of health of the population; preventive measures of bad habits; development of physical training and sports.

« Within the framework of each block the corresponding programs and actions will be carried out. We plan to make significant investments in public health services - reequipment of the medical institutions, strengthening of a preventive orientation of the medical aid system. Series of events, large-scale campaigns to prevent drug abuse, alcoholism, smoking and bad habits, road traffic injuries have been planned," - Sergey Morozov has declared.

Besides, we will continue further strengthening of the material-technical base of sports and to providing conditions for the availability of sports facilities. Emphasis will be placed on attracting people to participate in mass sporting events.

«Along with all this, we will support and promote initiatives that are not just distributing the budget money, but also introducing new principles of social work, actually increasing the motivation of citizens to a healthy lifestyle.To be healthy - should become an internal of each person », - emphasized the head of the region.

The plan of the Year of youth in the Russian Federation on the territory of the Ulyanovsk oblast 

The plan of the basic actions on carrying out the Year of youth in the Russian Federation 

The federal planned schedule of the Year of youth