Subsidies from the Ulyanovsk region's budget to municipalities has increased almost 18-fold

In 2017, municipalities received approximately 5 billion 423 million rubles for development of socially significant industries. In comparison with 2005, the amount of subsidies increased by 5 billion 120 million rubles.

 “Today our priority is to preserve budget stability at all levels. For this reason, we aim to increase subsidies to municipalities every year in order to balance the budget”, - the Governor Sergey Morozov noted.

 According to the dedicated experts, over the last 13 years, not only the financial aid from the regional budget has increased but also the number of spheres where the subsidies are used.

 "In 2005 we provided regional municipalities with 303 million rubles, and the subsidies were used to compensate citizens for their housing and communal services payments, as well as to implement the Federal Programme "Social Development of the Countryside until 2010". This year we allocated about 5 billion 423 million rubles for social development," - emphasized Ekaterina Butskaya, the Minister of Finance of the Ulyanovsk region.

 Today the major share of money provided to regional municipalities is aimed at the development of road facilities, repair and maintenance of highways (2 billion 259.6 million rubles), development and modernization of education (1 billion 104.1 million rubles), creating urban environment (314.2 million rubles), as well as salaries for people working in the public sector (251.4 million rubles).