Experience of the Ulyanovsk region to be presented at the Global Youth Leaders' Forum

It will be held in Anapa from 27 to 29 September.

  The forum aims to create a single system of training of youth leaders to improve the educational system for children in the Russian Federation and the partner countries. Meetings with representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, heads of the largest higher education institutions, children's centers and country's public associations will take place within the event.

It is also planned to organize interactive lectures, roundtable discussions, master classes, creative activities, a scientific conference, and distance training courses for youth leaders. The Ulyanovsk region will be represented by the delegation, which includes 37 youth leaders from country health camps "Svetlyachok", "Ulyanovsky Artek", "Beryozka". They will demonstarate regional experience and will hold a workshop on the subject "Features of youth leaders' work in a country camp for children with disabilities".

The results of the summer health campaign carried out in the district were summed up at a district meeting last week. The event took place under the leadership of the Deputy Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Volga Federal District Oleg Mashkovtsev. He paid great attention to the safety of children and the fact that there were no emergencies. In total, 13584 rest and recreation organizations worked in the Volga Federal District in summer. The number of children who participated in various forms of rest and recreation activities has increased by 3.1% compared to the previous year and made 1.66 million people. More than 479 thousand of them were children from disadvantaged backgrounds, as well as the ones from socially vulnerable and large families. The most common form of health improvement were day camps on the basis of public schools and establishments providing supplementary education for children.

According to the Minister of Education and Science of the Ulyanovsk region Natalya Semyonova, this year, more than 55 thousand children have spent their holidays in regional camps. Currently, 100 children from Mullovka were provided with free vouchers to the Dimitrovgrad health camp "Beryozka".

Following the meeting, representatives of the Volga Federal District's regions were provided with recommendations regarding necessary measures to ensure safety and comfortable stay of children in camps during the summer health campaign-2018.