Governor Sergey Morozov has congratulated the 2017 Teacher of the Year finalist Anastasia Mingachyov

By the order of the head of the region, the Ulyanovsk teacher will receive an apartment and a money certificate for reach the final of this prestigious competition.

 On 7 October, Sergey Morozov held a meeting with the Ulyanovsk participant and her pupils, colleagues and mentors. “Anastasia Mingachyova has proved that she is the best teacher in Russia. The whole Ulyanovsk region supported her and believed that this brilliant teacher will win, and today we thank Anastasia for living up to our hopes and showing the high quality of our region's education system at the highest level. We are proud that she received his well-deserved reward! A new stage has begun in Anastasia's life. She should share her       success story with people in each corner of the Ulyanovsk region and contribute to the development of the regional education system, as well as to take part in awareness-raising work. It would be great if Anastasia opened her own experimental school”, - Sergey Morozov said.

The 2017 Teacher of the Year national contest started in Sochi on September 24. This year all 85 regions of the Russian Federation took part in this prestigious event. Contestants had to carry out a master-class and to present an educational project, to participate in a faculty meeting, to attend a roundtable discussion with the Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. On 5 October, Anastasia Mingachyova received the Minor Crystal Pelican Award from Olga Golodets, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. During the competition, she presented correlation between Russian and journalism, having placed emphasis on development of the linguistic persona not only in pupils but also in teachers and adults. “It was difficult, but I felt constant support. I would like to thank all those who cheered for me: my mentors who were always with me, my colleagues, pupils, Ulyanovsk teachers, and my family. For me, this competition has become one of the most important events this year. And it is a strong stimulus to move forward”, - said Anastasius Mingachyov, the Ulyanovsk finalist, a teacher of the Multidisciplinary Lyceum.

In addition, for the significant contribution to the training of the All-Russian competition's winner, the head of the region has handed a money certificate worth 300 thousand rubles to Lyceum No. 16 at Dimitrovgrad ULSTU. “This award once again proves that today we have a strong education system. There are more and more our teachers and educational institutions that are called the best. The last rating can serve as an example, while top-500 and top-200 educational institutions include Ulyanovsk schools. We will continue to support the education system. For this purpose, the budget for the next year provides for spending over 8 billion rubles on the major programmes in the sphere of education”, - said the Minister of Education and Science Natalya Semyonova.