IX Business Forum "Business Climate in Russia-2017" to take place in the Ulyanovsk region on November 30 - December 1

The event will be organized in connection with the 25 anniversary of the Ulyanovsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry's regional office. Lenin Memorial will traditionally become the main venue.

 “The Ulyanovsk Forum becomes an important event to establish a dialogue between business and the government on an annual basis. This is the place where specific proposals on improvement of business climate in the country are developed. It is a unique project designed to involve citizens in business activities, to develop export and international production chains, to sign new contracts and to participate in government procurement, to carry out administrative regulation of other spheres. This year, we will pay a lot of attention to women entrepreneurship - we will create a communication and educational platform for its representatives”, - the Governor Sergey Morozov noted.

The business programme of the forum will traditionally include a number of activities dedicated to business cooperation and business education. They will include B2B session, contractual bourses, sessions on development of women's, social, youth and hi-tech entrepreneurship, the final of the business games "Captains of Business".

A separate section of the forum will focus on regulation documents for business and the government. A conference on oversight activities, as well as a discussion platform on the regional business initiative will also take place in its framework.

During the two-day exhibition, which will take place in the foyer of Lenin Memorial Centre, everyone will be able to learn more about activities of the best businesspeople of the region, the largest investment projects and the regional infrastructure for support of business. Once can also visit an exposition dedicated to the history of Simbirsk business.

A plenary meeting with participation of federal guests and experts will traditionally become the key event of the forum.

The Business Climate in Russia Forum has been held in the region since 2009cat the initiative of the head of the region Sergey Morozov. More than 2000 businesspeople, representatives of federal and regional authorities, as well as delegations from more than 15 regions of the country take part in it on an annual basis.

“It is often quite difficult to overcome some difficulties or to implement some initiatives on improvement of business environment within one region as they require legislative changes or administrative solutions at the federal level. For this reason, regions need the Business Climate in Russia Forum. Here we can discuss and exchange opinions and with both federal colleagues and the ones from other territorial entities of the Russian Federation, propose some solutions and promote interests of business community at the federal level”, - explained Ruslan Gaynetdinov, the Chairman of the Board of the Ulyanovsk Region Corporation for Enterprise Development.