Ulyanovsk region to exchange the best practices on competition development with Belarus

The regional Center for Strategic Studies and the Scientific and Research Economic Institute of Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus signed a cooperation agreement. The document provides introduction of the best practices on planning, forecasting of development and implementation of special projects in the territory of the Ulyanovsk region.

 “For us, one of the priorities for the next five years is competition development. We have developed a relevant standard, which will be introduced in all municipalities. The major task is to protect citizens, industries, and the agro-industrial complex. We have partnering relationships with the Republic of Belarus, and I am sure that through joint efforts we will be able to implement new projects to increase competitiveness of our region”, - the Governor Sergey Morozov noted.

According to the Director of the Center of Strategic Studies Oleg Asmus, thanks to the signed agreement the region has received documents which are not freely available: "Regional Development in the Republic of Belarus: Challenges and Prospects" (developed together with representatives of the European Union), "Methodological Approaches to Planning of Regional Development" (the project of the European Union), "Support of Regional and Local Development in Belarus", the strategy for sustainable development of the Vitebsk and Gomel regions, the city of Minsk and others.

“We have a unique possibility to use top notch materials developed in the Republic of Belarus in collaboration with scientists from Germany and Oxford. I can see great potential in studying techniques and approaches. These documents were developed by the whole country with involvement of highly skilled experts. We just need to study and adapt them to the Ulyanovsk region”, - Oleg Asmus said.