29 October - the Day of Komsomol

I heartily congratulate all Komsomol members and all veterans of the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League with this wonderful holiday!

 The greatest youth organization celebrates its ninety-ninth anniversary!

This date is a special one for millions of people of different ages, who live not only in Russia but also in the former Soviet republics. I am sure that everyone who was lucky to be a Komsomol member has some nostalgic memories about camping, their campus life, their work from sunrise to sunset in student construction brigades, their friendship and their great confidence in the future. One song says that Komsomol is not just about age, it is destiny. And this is absolutely right. In our hearts, it will always be a symbol of good things, peace and true friendship!

Dear friends! I wish you a lot of happiness, health, Komsomol enthusiasm and the ability to improve yourself!


 Governor of the Ulyanovsk region                                     

 S.I. Morozov