Medical institutions of the Ulyanovsk region took the leading positions in the rating of Russian healthcare organization

At the request of Vladimir Putin, independent assessment of services provided in the state health-care centers was carried out by representatives of public councils in order to improve the quality of medical treatment for citizens.

 The regional clinical dermatovenerologic dispensary and the Novomalyklinsky regional hospital became leaders among the institutions that provide medical treatment to the population of the Ulyanovsk region in stationary conditions; they received the maximum amount of points - 75. Eleven medical institutions that provide services on an ambulatory basis also received one of the highest marks of 73 points. These included municipal hospital No. 3, regional clinical narcological hospital, children's municipal clinical hospital, central clinical medical facility named after V.A. Egorov, center of occupational pathology named after V.M. Maksimchuk, center of specialized medical help named after E.M. Chuchkalov, as well as Starokulatkinsky, Old Mainsky, Novomalyklinsky, Baryshsky and Cherdaklinsky regional hospitals.

Public councils carried out assessment within a year. They examined medical organizations that participated in implementation of State guarantees concerning the provision of free medical care to citizens of the Russian Federation. “We have carried out independent assessment for the third time. Inhabitants of the region rank medical institutions on openness of information, how convenient the services are and their availability, the waiting time, as well as friendliness, politeness and competence of workers. The analysis of results will help to define satisfaction of the population with rendered services, to reveal and remove gaps in the work of medical organizations that fell behind”, - explained Tatyana Labzina, the Chairman of the Public Council of the Ministry of Health of the Ulyanovsk region.

Independent assessment was based on a poll of citizens. The respondents filled out questionnaires and special forms on the website of the Ministry of Health, Family and Social Wellbeing of the Ulyanovsk region.

This year, independent assessment was carried out in 42 medical facilities. “More than 4.5 thousand people took part in the survey. For comparison, about three thousand residents of the region took part in the independent assessment in the two previous years. We try attracting as many respondents as possible to obtain reliable information. Public opinion is one of key indicators to estimate work of healthcare facilities while we work with people and for people”, - emphasized Rasheed Abdullov, the Minister of Health, Family and Social Wellbeing of the Ulyanovsk region.

Upon the initiative of the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov, the regional budget provides for modernization of medical facilities, as well as implementation of programmes for development of the human resource potential in the regional health care system. In addition, the government supports initiatives of inhabitants of the region.