15 thousand residents of the Ulyanovsk region took part in the procession on the occasion of National Unity Day

The Governor Sergey Morozov, members of the regional Government, representatives of executive State government bodies, deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Ulyanovsk Region and Ulyanovsk City Duma, representatives of the Ulyanovsk City Administration, members of ethnic-cultural autonomies and public organizations (including veteran and youth ones), labor collectives, and students of universities and colleges participated in the event.

 “This holiday represents the centuries-old national idea of our state. It is based on following the traditions, wholehearted love for the country and the desire to expand its power by consolidating and maintaining national unity. It has helped Russia to survive in the fight against its numerous enemies. To survive, to grow up and to become stronger, having turned into a solid bedrock of peace, truth and justice. Unity of the people, social groups and generations, good workers and invincible soldiers connect our past, present and future. It ensures our safety and further development. I am happy that modern Russia meets the new day as a strong, united and solid country, which is confidently building its future. I am glad that the Ulyanovsk region is developing together with the whole country. We are all creating our victorious history”, - the Governor Sergey Morozov noted.

The meeting in honour of the holiday took place on the Square of 100 Anniversary of Vladimir Lenin's Birthday. Several people made a speech - Valentina Ivanova, the rector of MGUTU named after K.G. Razumovsky since 2008, the member of the Presidential Council for Cossack Affairs; Ksenia Fomina, the participant of the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi; Vladimir Antonov, the Deputy Chief on production, the Chairman of the Shop Committee of the Ulyanovsk Mechanical Plant; Nikolay Lyamayev, the Honored Worker of culture of the Russian Federation. The honor to raise the national flag of the Russian Federation was granted to representatives of the All-Russian Youth Military Patriotic Movement 'Junarmy' for children and young people.

“The procession on days like this is, first of all, a tribute to the generations that were able to preserve the integrity and indivisibility of our country! It is so amazing and meaningful that all of us - delegates of the World Festival of Youth and Students - come together to celebrate the National Unity Day. The main idea that we want to pass to the younger generation is that it is very important to preserve the peace, to be able to find common ground and to value our unity. Many representatives of youth have gathered to participate in the procession. We all think that it is our duty to go along the streets of our hometown and to show once again that we support unity and peace”, - said Ksenia Fomina, a student of ULSU, the Vice-Chairman of the Youth Initiative Center, a participant of the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi.

“Today is a very happy day for us – the National Unity Day. I am pleased to see that representatives of different generations happily take part in the procession. There are a lot of young people, labor collectives, various social movements, representatives of national autonomies. At moments like this, you understand that we are united, we are together and the future belongs to us, our children and grandchildren. All of us need to stay together, to be loyal to our Fatherland and worthy of the ancestors who have entrusted us with Russia's future”, - noted Nikolay Lyamayev, the Honored Worker of culture of the Russian Federation.

“Every year my family and I come to the meeting on 4 November, it has become our good tradition. We are all in an excellent mood despite the gloomy day. Singing songs and carrying flags, people went along the streets in the city center. I warmly congratulate all residents of Ulyanovsk on the National Unity Day and wish all of us harmony and welfare, as well as to stay together in our everyday life”, - said Marat Knyazkin, a designer from the shop #141 of AO "Aviastar-SP".