Alley of World Festival of Youth and Students has opened in Ulyanovsk near a school under construction in the Repino District

The event is dated to the Week of the Festival, which was announced by the Governor Sergey Morozov.

 One hundred and fifty residents of Ulyanovsk, including 50 volunteers, became participants of the large international forum. By the decision of the head of the region, all delegates after their arrival to the region will hold meetings with youth from municipalities to share the experience.

“Today the Ulyanovsk region does its best to guide the energy of young generations. That is why we have changed the vector of regional policy to work with the youth. It is important to improve support of our talented children, as well as projects and initiatives of the young generation; to develop charity and volunteering. We encourage youth self-government and we have created youth ministries which duplicate the similar structures of ‘grown-ups’”, - Sergey Morozov said.

Participants of the event planted 50 trees. According to the Chairman of the Youth Government Maria Rogatkina, it is planned to put an information plate near the alley in the future.

“Participants of the forum in Sochi have a very important mission today – they have to share the ideas and practices that they have brought with them, as well as to talk about the projects that are currently available in the region. The memorable avenue is a part of our big festival week. Meetings with both heads of municipalities and youth of the districts are underway. We can already see the first results. So, for example, there were many people interested in developing volunteering, to do youth business. And these are only the first steps”, - explained Oksana Solntseva, the Minister of Youth Development of the Ulyanovsk region.

The Week of the Festival will end on 4 November. On this day, the whole Ulyanovsk team will participate in the procession to commemorate the National Unity Day. Then it is planned to hold a meeting between the Governor and young people of the region in the Volga-Sport-Arena to sum up the results of the week.