Five Ulyanovsk students have entered TOP-500 Best Volunteers of the World Festival of Youth and Students

In total, 50 representatives of the region have participated in the event.

 Upon an initiative of the Governor, the Week of the Festival took place in the Ulyanovsk region. During it, all participants of the forum in Sochi visited municipalities and held meetings with local youth to share the experience. The head of the region also gave certificates of recognition to parents of the international event's participants.

“Our team has represented the Ulyanovsk region at the festival to the best of their abilities and demonstrated it as the territory of the future. Such active and talented youth is our main treasure, the main source that helps development of the region. We will support all their projects and initiatives”, - Sergey Morozov said.

According to the relevant agency, 5000 volunteers participated in the World Festival of Youth and Students. They followed Russian and foreign delegations, worked at the opening and closing ceremonies, helped with organization of sporting events, ensured operation of transport.

Residents of Ulyanovsk Bulat Shaykhutdinov, Victoria Yakovleva, Dmitry Yarmishko, Stepan Bazulin and Vladislav Pershikov have entered the Top-500 of volunteers.

“I worked in the accommodation office, so one of the main requirements was English language proficiency. Initially, I submitted the application for an attaché, the one who follows delegations, but now I do not regret working in another place at all. We knew that the list of the best volunteers will be made, but we did not know the criteria. However, it did not bother me too much, I just did my job to the best of my abilities. We worked shifts, and in the free time, I was able to attend the meeting with an actor Vladimir Menshov and, of course, to visit facilities of the Olympic Park. I am proud that I represented the Ulyanovsk region, and I was very pleased when I saw five of our surnames in the Top-500”, - commented Vladislav Pershikov, a student of Ulyanovsk Civil Aviation Institute, who became the best curator of an object according to the organizers of the Festival.

“All members of the Ulyanovsk region's team of volunteers are not just random people. These are young men and women who have worked as volunteers for a long time and who have already proved themselves. Today volunteering is becoming more and more popular, and more and more young people who want to work in this sphere come to us. Such surge of interest in the voluntary movement first happened in 2013 when we hosted the Russian Student Spring Festival, and then in 2016 when 350 children participated in the World Ball Hockey Championship and performed their tasks perfectly. The head of the region Sergey Morozov puts a great emphasis on support of this movement. For example, there is a Volunteering nomination in the Provincial competition of youth projects, thank to which children can receive money to implement their initiatives. In particular, this year we supported such projects as a stray dogs shelter "Lapa Pomoshi", "Kraski v nashu zhizn" and the EKO-Volunteers Movement”, - explained Oksana Solntseva, the Minister of Youth Development of the Ulyanovsk region.