Approximately 460 million rubles to be provided for social support of Ulyanovsk residents until the end of 2017

During a meeting, the Government considered amendments to the state programme of social support and population protection of the region for 2014-2020.

 Keeping the budget, as well as all benefits, socially oriented is one of the main objectives set by the President of the Russian Federation and the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov.

According to the Deputy Minister of Health, Family Affairs and Social Services Andrey Baranov has explained, 400 million rubles will be used for the most important social benefits. “It is planned to transfer more than 215.5 million rubles to labor veterans at federal and regional levels. Approximately 44 million rubles will be used for subsidies and compensation of expenses on apartment rent and payments for public utility services. Foster families will be provided with almost 40 million rubles”, - the Minister said.

In addition, 21.3 million rubles will be used as benefits upon birth of children. About 17.5 million rubles will be allocated for monthly allowances and 17 million rubles - on benefits for large families. Fourteen million rubles will be transferred to teachers from rural areas and about 4.5 million rubles will be used as compensation of expenses for trips to summer cottages.