Nine investment projects have been implemented in the Ulyanovsk region since the beginning of the year

It is planned to launch five more investment projects in November and December.

 The implementation results of the Priority Actions Plan for January-September 2017 were summed up at a meeting on financial and economic issues on 17 November. The event took place under the supervision of the Chairman of the regional Government Alexander Smekalin.

The Governor Sergey Morozov annually approves the document. A public discussion takes place with involvement of the expert community. The Plan's main objective is to stimulate economic growth as the main source of the regional social and financial stability. The plan of priority actions in economy for 2017 includes more than 80 measures aimed at formation of favorable conditions for doing business, support of industrial and agricultural enterprises, as well as crease of the regional budget's profit and optimization of its expenditure.

“This year we are planning to put into operation 14 investment projects with the total investment of 4.8 billion rubles, each of which promotes substitution of products imported to Russia from abroad. When fully implemented, they will allow to create over one thousand new jobs for our fellow citizens. By early November, we have successfully finished implementation of nine investment projects worth 1.9 billion rubles and which include about 750 vacant positions”, - the Governor noted.

According to the experts of the Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation, until the end of the current year it is planned to start construction within seven projects with the total investment of 8.2 billion rubles. When fully implemented, they will allow to create 550 new jobs. Today, four investors with the projects worth over 7.4 billion rubles have already started construction, which will provide 450 jobs.

“For now, we are working according to the schedule, which is confirmed by statistics. So, investments show positive dynamics and after the first 10 months of 2017, growth of the industry has reached 107.4%. We continue to have one of the lowest rates of registered unemployment in the Volga Federal District and Russia - it made 0.44% in October. We will also deal with spheres that do not complete plan assignments. In general, one can say that the Ulyanovsk region is steadily moving forward, the budget revenues continue to grow. Following the results of the first nine months, more than 1.5 billion rubles of additional income have been attracted into the budget. This helps us fulfill our obligations, upgrade social infrastructure and support economy”, - the Prime Minister Alexander Smekalin emphasized.

According to the Minister of Economic Development and Competition of the Ulyanovsk region Rustem Davlyatshin, following the results of the third quarter, the set targets have been completed by 90% on average.

“The document's main objective is to ensure stability of economy and the social sphere. First of all, we are talking about the growth of industrial production. It is important to note that the price has stabilized in the consumer sector, and we still have a low level of registered unemployment. We have also noted growth of housing construction. The amount of housing made more than 561 thousand square meters or 104.3% compared to the same period of 2016. Following the results of the whole year, we predict general growth and increase in the volume of attracted investments”, - Rustem Davlyatshin said.

According to the dedicated experts, implementation of measures in January/September of this year is carried out according to the schedule, without any serious delays. We continue to support industry and the real sector of economy. As a result, we have a high index of industrial production: 106.9% after nine months and 107.4% after ten months.

Over the reporting period, in the sphere of small and medium entrepreneurship 209 projects have been implemented. Their investment volume made 778.2 million rubles and 703 jobs have been created. In addition, over 10 months, the Entrepreneurship Development Corporation has issued 183 loans worth 300 million rubles. It helped to involve 150 people in the sphere of small business and to provide the regional budget with 53 million rubles. Manufacturing and agricultural enterprises formed a large part of financial support recipients.

Within the framework of the campaign, agricultural producers were provided with 45 loans worth 62.3 million rubles to carry out work during the planting season. Ten enterprises working in the spheres of wood- and metalworking, automotive components and production of non-metallic goods for mineral and food industry received support from the Industry Development Fund in amount of more than 132 million rubles. As a result, more than 120 new jobs will be created, import substitution will continue to develop, capacities of the enterprises will be expanded and additional opportunities for export will appear.