Farmers of the Ulyanovsk region to receive additional financial support

The Governor Sergey Morozov made this decision during the visit to Tsilninsky District.

 “This year we had the best grain and leguminous crops harvest over the last several decades. This caused low cost of grain, as well as difficulties while selling it. We have to help our agricultural producers and allocate additional resources to be used as special subsidies”, - the head of the region emphasized.

According to him, Ulyanovsk farmers will receive additional state support in amount of no less than 100 million rubles. It will be distributed in the form of subsidies for crop production.

“Taking into account the current unfavorable situation with the grain price, as well as loss of the sunflower harvest, farmers will receive additional support at the beginning of 2018. In addition to the money that will be allocated for needs of agriculture within state programmes, the Ministry of Agriculture will provide special subsidies. The final sum will be determined in early December. By the beginning of spring field work, agricultural producers will have already received the support”, - the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Mikhail Semyonkin explained.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, over 1 billion 91 million rubles will be allocated for the Ulyanovsk region's state programme "Development of Agriculture and Regulation of Agricultural Commodities Markets in 2014-2020". In particular, about 624 million rubles will be used for development of crop production, over 73 million rubles – for livestock production. More than 99 million rubles will be allocated for support of small business in the countryside; 247 million rubles - for development of rural territories.

This year more than 1.6 million tons of grain have been harvested. Grain and leguminous crops made more than 566.7 thousand hectares with an average yield of 29.5 t/ha. Now sunflower is being harvested. This plant occupied 89 thousand hectares with an average yield of 12.1 t/ha. It has made approximately 108 thousand tons in total.