Ulyanovsk region and Japan are planning to develop cooperation in seven key spheres

On 28 May, the Governor Sergey Morozov held a meeting with delegation from the Fukuoka Prefecture headed by Mr. Eguchi Masaru, the Vice-Governor. The event took place within the Second International Forum "Japanese Spring on the Volga". Members of the regional government also participated in the meeting.


“We would like to hold cross years of the Ulyanovsk region and the Fukuoka Prefecture. The main spheres, which we are planning to develop, include exchange of the best practices in the management of territories, as well as inter-parliamentary, humanitarian, economic, investment, ecological and youth cooperation. We would like to start implementation of joint projects this year. It is important for us to build up relationships between clusters and to adopt Japanese experience in the sphere of green and digital economy especially, - Sergey Morozov said. - In addition, we are interested in creation of eco-cities and everything related to development of smart technologies. For is it is also important to carry out cultural and youth exchanges, as well as to establish interuniversity cooperation. We are ready to develop relations not only between the Ulyanovsk region and the Fukuoka Prefecture but also between our cities. In the nearest future, we will design an activity plan and a concept of the learning programme; we will create an organization that will coordinate this cooperation. Within the framework of its activities we could establish interaction between business associations, Chambers of Commerce and Industry”.

In his response, Mr. Eguchi Masaru has noted that these initiatives will be interesting for development of the future cooperation. The Vice-Governor has explained that it is planned to develop plans on implementation of each sphere. It is expected that the memorandum on cooperation between the Ulyanovsk region and the Fukuoka Prefecture will be signed during the next meeting of governors of the regions of the Russian Federation.

In the middle of April during the visit to Japan, Sergey Morozov held a series of negotiations. In particular, the meetings concerning implementation of projects in the sphere of human development., It is planned to develop a programme for promotion of moral upbringing, scientific and technical education, and labor productivity.  This can be achieved through the use of Japanese experience.

“By now we have discussed points of further interaction with this country, which include education, health care, labor productivity and culture. For example, we are working to become a part of the joint Russian-Japanese comprehensive programme aimed at reducing the number of people with overweight. This programme uses Japanese preventive technology of remote monitoring and psychological support for patients. In addition, we are also planning to implement joint projects in the sphere of a healthy lifestyle and active longevity, as well as exchange of experience between medical experts. We have begun to work on the programme to increase labor productivity using kaizen technologies and continuous training of personnel. Today many major corporations in Japan use these methods”, - explained Ekaterina Uba, the First Deputy Prime Minister of the region.