Ulyanovsk region is planning cooperation with Japan in the sphere of patients' rehabilitation with the use of the hi-tech equipment

On 28 May, the perinatal center "Mama" became the platform for discussion of Japanese techniques for recovery of patients, as well as implementation of joint projects aimed to increase life expectancy of the population.


The event was attended by representatives of the delegation from Japan, federal experts and the leading health professionals of the region.

During the meeting, the head of group of projects of the Japan Science and Technology Agency Yoshiyuki Sankai demonstrated a robotics suit from medical needs called Hybrid Assistive Limb, which is based on the principles of exoskeletons. It consists of eight engines – there are sixteen touch sensors on knees, waist, elbows and shoulders. This device can be used for a great variety of purposes: rehabilitation after strokes, pathologies of the central nervous system and the supporting-motor apparatus.

“It is the first time I have come to the Ulyanovsk region and I really liked both the city and the perinatal center. I am happy to see the region pays so much attention to children; it means that Russia is looking towards the future. I am glad to present to colleagues our robotic suit that helps physically disabled people with rehabilitation. Elderly people often have certain issues, but little children can also be born with diseases that require care. To solve this problem, we have developed a control system capable to connect person's brain directly to his body. Movements are performed thanks to harmonious work of the special electronic scheme, which is a part of the suit design. Intentions of the person will be transformed to impulses that transfer commands to the suit mechanism, then touch sensors catch them and help the person to move. These technologies can be used in medical institutions, residential environments and public places. More than 700 devices are synchronized by one computer and the doctor can select individual treatment”, – Yoshiyuki Sankai said.

According to Rasheed Abdullov, the Minister of Health, Family and Social Wellbeing of the Ulyanovsk region, it is the second International Forum "Japanese Spring on the Volga" in the Ulyanovsk region that was attended by representatives of business and science. "We are glad to work together with our Japanese colleagues. Today they have demonstrated modern equipment for rehabilitation of adults and children. Now the suit can be bought only in Japan, but soon it is planned to provide it on a leasehold basis. We are extremely interested in these technologies and we are negotiating to ensure that it will possible to use similar equipment for treatment of patients in the Ulyanovsk region. In turn, we will render all necessary assistance to help with certification of the equipment and its future use", – the head of organization noted.

Representatives of the medical community of the Ulyanovsk region have also noted that it is of paramount importance to use such techniques for treatment and rehabilitation of patients.

“I am happy to see that our region is working together with Japan in the sphere of health protection, increase of life expectancy and rehabilitation of the population. It is one of the countries with the highest life expectancy. It is especially important that this robot was presented to us. It can improve quality of life and limb function with various diseases. First of all, I am talking about nervous system because, for example, stroke is one of the major reasons for mortality and disability. The risk of incapacitation is also very high in case of spine injuries. This complex can sense even the smallest muscular movements in paralyzed limbs; that allows the person to walk independently and recover gradually. In this case, the patient can return to normal life. If we use such technologies, the efficiency of rehabilitation will increase enormously”, – noted Yulia Pavlova, Director of the USU Multifunctional Rehabilitation Center.