Export Strategy of the Ulyanovsk region will include tourism

During the plenary meeting of the Legislative Assembly on 30 May, the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov identified the areas that are the major sources of income in the world economy. They included tourism, medicine, education and IT export.


“We are trying to solve a new task – development of export of services. Over the last years, we have noted decrease of this indicator in the region. Today the total volume of export of services is only about US$ 200 million. It is necessary to increase it to at least US$ 1 billion by 2024,” — the head of the region noted.

The areas of work for export support and targets will be included in the Export Strategy of the Ulyanovsk region. It is almost completed and will be adopted until the end of this year.

According to Andrey Kazantsev, the head of the Committee for Development of Domestic Tourism and Hospitality at the regional office of the public organization "OPORA Russia" (Opora Rossii), it is possible to increase revenues of the budget through development of tourism industry in the territory of Dimitrovgrad. “In the nearest future, we are planning to develop city tours and to continue improvement of collective means of accommodation and public catering facilities. There are successful enterprises in the territory of Dimitrovgrad that help development of scientific tourism. Future changes can attract representatives of the professional community to the Ulyanovsk region, including the ones who will come within promo tours,” — Andrey Kazantsev said.

Dimitrovgrad is a promising place for health care and tourism spheres.  Development of this city will help incoming tourism.

"NIIAR and the Federal Hi-Tech Center of Medical Radiology have great potential for tourism. Dimitrovgrad can become the venue for business activities that will involve scientific community. Stable growth of the tourist flow will lead to gradual increase of regional incomes" — noted Yulia Skoromolova, the Director of the Agency for Tourism of the Ulyanovsk region.