Best practices of the Ulyanovsk region were included in the collection of Association of Innovative Regions of Russia

AIRR presented the second release of the open reference book. It included experience from 14 regions of the Russian Federation that are creating favorable conditions for development of the hi-tech sector of economy; they also attract substantial funds to complex investment and innovative projects, which are of great significance for the country.


Thirty-seven collections from regions of the Russian Federation, which are members of the Association, included four from the Ulyanovsk region. This experience was selected to use it in other regions of the country and is currently considered as practical guidance for them.

The ULNANOTECH nanocenter was mentioned among the best examples in the Economy of Growth section. The Development of Territorial Infrastructure part included Ulyanovsk experiment on upgrade of airport infrastructure. The  Improvement of Effectiveness of Public Administration section mentioned the regional administrative initiative; the one about Development of Human Capital included reforming of employment centers.

“I am happy to see that our experience was highly praised by experts once again and it can be used by other regions. This way we contribute to development of not only our small homeland but also the whole country. The Ulyanovsk region is among the leaders in the National Investment Climate Ranking. We were the first to start actively introducing project management, which affected efficiency of the regional system directly. Two more projects, which were among the best ones, aim to upgrade transport infrastructure and develop human capital. I am sure that many region of the country will find our practices useful”, - the Governor Sergey Morozov noted.

According to Rustem Davlyatshin, the Minister of Economic Development and Competition of the Ulyanovsk region, today the region has also started implementation of several new projects, which can be included in the reference book in the future. These are developments in the sphere of alternative power engineering and nuclear medicine.

The first edition of The Best Regional Practices of Regions of the Russian Federation – Members of AIRR was released in 2017 and included regional innovative cluster, a corporate university, a School in Tecnocampus model, Public Initiatives and a Council of regional and local authorities.

As a reference:

The Association of Innovative Regions of Russia was created on 21 May 2010. The main objective of the organization is providing assistance to effective innovative development of regions participating in the programme. AIRR involves fourteen regions of the country, which include the Ulyanovsk region.

According to creators of the second reference book, this edition is different from the previous because it has new parts that show examples of regions that have introduced the practice of project management in organizations of the public sector, as well as effective projects focusing on work with young people.