Ulyanovsk region wants to become the key partner of Danish companies placing their productions in Russia

On 8 June, the Governor Sergey Morozov presented economic and investment potential of the region to Danish companies.


“Representatives of business leaders of the Kingdom are interested in cooperation with our country. I am very pleased that many of them know our region. The region has good relations with Denmark: such companies as Hempel and Skamol are already successfully working here; Vestas, which this year will make the first blades for wind generators in Ulyanovsk, has started implementation of the project, – Sergey Morozov said. – We have discussed cooperation in the sphere of economy, investment, power engineering, science and education with Mr. Thomas Winkler (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark) and representatives of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Growth of Denmark. We identified some major spheres for development of our relations. These are digital technologies, biotechnologies, medicine and health care, livestock production, aquaculture, food industry and processing. We have also discussed development of cooperatives. Denmark is the leader in development of consumer cooperation; we are interested in experience of the Kingdom that helps to build effective chains – from cultivation of production to its export. We have agreed to cooperate in this sphere.”

The Governor invited Danish businesspeople to visit the region and to participate in joint business forums. They agreed that in the nearest future a business delegation of the Kingdom would visit the Ulyanovsk region.

Within the meeting with Danish companies, Vestas, which is implementing a project in the Ulyanovsk region, has mentioned successful cooperation with the region and its investment climate. "When starting our work in Russia, which was the new country for use, we had some difficulties at the initial stage. However, when we launched our project in the Ulyanovsk region, representatives of the region quickly helped us to resolve all issues connected with the project", – said Inga Zink, Central Europe Regional Marketing Director.

In September 2017, the Governor Sergey Morozov together with the Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation signed an agreement with Vestas (Denmark) on placement of production of blades for wind generators in the region. In February 2018, a special investment contract in the sphere of wind-power engineering was signed. Investments will make over 1 billion rubles, and more than 200 jobs will be created for residents of the Ulyanovsk region.

In addition, a meeting with Hempel, one more investor that has been successfully working in the Ulyanovsk region for several years, took place during the visit of the delegation to Denmark.

“We have visited Hempel's research and development center, have held negotiations in the head office of the company regarding further development of the project in the region. We have discussed possible cooperation with Ulyanovsk companies, in particular with the StroyLab of the Ulyanovsk nanocenter”, – noted Igor Ryabikov, the First Deputy Director of the Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation.

Hempel is actively working for charity; in Ulyanovsk it is implementing a project called "Make English Accessible to Children from Low-Income Families". The programme has been active since 2016, and over this time, 356 children aged from 7 to 18 years received language training. During the meeting, parties discussed possible extension of the programme and organization of trips for children from needy families to Denmark so that they could study foreign language.