Ulyanovsk region is planning to open an educational technopark “Smart City”

The Governor Sergey Morozov has visited a regional cultural and education center "Smart" and has held a meeting of the Council for Development of the Social Sphere.


During the inspection of the establishment, the head of the region had a look at the presentation of the project of a technopark called Smart City. It is a year-round educational center for children and young people and it conforms to the new ASI standard of children's recreation. It is planned that the center will implement programmes of recreational training for residents of Ulyanovsk who have demonstrated outstanding abilities in the field of humanitarian and scientific subject, as well as technical creativity. Smart will act as the main implementer of the project.

“This is a unique park that will help us create special environment and atmosphere for both really young children and senior citizens who will actively learn foreign languages. One can see that organizers took development of the project seriously. Here we are going to introduce studying of the English technical language along with IT equipment. It is a rather new project for Russia too. I think that in the long term, we will be able to expand it beyond the region”, - the Governor said.

According to Elena Filkina, the head of the Smart Center, it is planned to launch the project next year. The technopark will become a regional anchor platform for implementation of pilot projects and organization of events for exchange of experience in the field of children's recreation and health improvement between regions of the Russian Federation. The Smart City's programme will include four main spheres: language, technology, robotics and a business incubator.

After the presentation, the Governor held a meeting of the Council for Development of the Social Sphere, during which he announced results of the regional social initiative’s implementation.

"Last year we have started implementation of a unique complex of reforms, which was set as a regional social initiative. These are twelve administrative steps that are aimed at transformation of the whole social policy. And one of the major steps is development of social business and providing non-state organizations with more access to the market of social services. For this purpose, we have granted financial support to socially responsible business since 2016. Over two years, five social businesspeople have received it in amount of almost seven million rubles", - Sergey Morozov said.

The complex of administrative steps was developed in 2017. It includes such focus areas as creation of the regional Endowment Fund to attract private investments for solution of social problems, introduction and development of social partnership, improvement of job centers, increase of labor mobility, support of creative industries, and formation of the people-friendly environment in establishments of the social sphere.

“We have applied changes in many fields. So, for example, we have started development of performance standards for social institutions of various type. By now, they have been already introduced in children's and adult policlinics. Of course, it also requires improvement of the material and technical base. In 2017, repairs worth over 276 million rubles were made in 62 out of 69 healthcare institutions. Soon such standards will be introduced in culture and education. In addition, we have launched a new system to forecast the need for stuff, and job centers have seen qualitative changes. Special attention is paid to development of creative industries and creation of special platforms for dialogue and creative activities in municipalities. Horizon Creative Space in Dimitrovgrad has become one of the first”, - said Ekaterina Uba, the First Deputy Prime Minister of the region.