Turkish enterprise for production of car seats in the Ulyanovsk region starts purchasing Russian components

On 15 June, the Governor Sergey Morozov visited Martur's production. The enterprise is implementing the plan for localization of production and has begun working with Ulyanovsk suppliers.


“It was important for us to find the world-class company that would prove that it is beneficial and interesting to do business in the Ulyanovsk region. I asked Turkish business to come to our region. At the beginning of the project, we asked the investor to create a "road map" for localization of their products, so that we could provide our small and medium enterprises with purchase orders in the long term. Almost two years have passed since that the company has started operations. First, we can see that the personnel praises their Turkish directors and the company culture; we can see modern and clean workplaces at the production; people say that they have good salaries and social guarantees. Second, technologies that are used at the plant in Turkey are applied here, too. Last, production of components is localized in the Russian Federation to a far greater degree. Russian companies cooperate with this international manufacturer; this means that now they have access to Europe, Asia, and Africa. These companies will complete major orders, and tomorrow they will turn into national champions. This is what we want to achieve with our economic policy”, – the head of the region noted.

Martur started commercial output in January 2016. It is one of the world leaders in the sphere of car seats production. Major customers of the Ulyanovsk enterprise are Renault plant in Moscow and AvtoVAZ one in Togliatti. Investments into the project made over 450 million rubles. Today Ulyanovsk production employs 318 people; the majority of them are women.

“At first we worked on production and technologies; we focused on the minimum threshold of localization. Now we have successfully held testing of local suppliers, including manufacturers of Russian steel, and we are planning to localize a greater number of operations in the territory of the Russian Federation. Our partners also include SimTP (Simbirsk Tube-Rolling Plant), a company from Ulyanovsk that delivers metal tubes for our production. Choosing the Ulyanovsk region for implementation of the project was one of the company's best decisions. Thanks to support of the Governor and the Government of the region, as well as the Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation, we quickly resolve all issues and now we are discussing if a new project can be started and our production in Ulyanovsk can be expanded”, –  said Jihan Akyrly , the Director of the Martur plant in the Ulyanovsk region.

SimTP is an Ulyanovsk enterprise that supplies the plant with metal tubes. They are used in frames of car seats that were previously delivered from Turkey.