Russia's first international youth business incubator of the BRICS countries to open in the Ulyanovsk region in 2019

This initiative was announced during the II Seminar-Meeting of young leaders of the BRICS countries, which officially started in the region on 18 June. The event was attended by more than 50 young politicians, public figures and entrepreneurs from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.


Young people who are actively involved in BRICS agenda and are implementing joint projects and programmes in the field of education, public diplomacy, business, culture, and information technologies will work at platforms of the seminar for three days. As a result, a list of proposals will be developed for the next Summit of the Heads of BRICS Countries and BRICS Youth Summit, which will take place in South Africa this year.

“Historically our region was the place that attracted different people and nationalities. For us, our region connects West and East while over 120 nationalities live here. I think it is symbolical that today we meet in the Ulyanovsk region. We are actively developing interactions with more than 100 countries. Our partners come from China, India, Denmark, Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Japan – these countries have invested more than one trillion rubles in economy of the Ulyanovsk region. More than 10 new enterprises open here every year. Now we are used to seeing ourselves among regions with the best investment climate in Russia. We seek to turn our region into the most developed technological center of the country and we pay particular attention to culture and creative industries. Of course, among our priorities are activities among the youth. Today we have Youth Duma and Parliament, government and election commission, as well as youth ministers. We actively carry out the School Takeover Day and youth councils. Over three days Ulyanovsk will turn into a platform where the future of the BRICS countries will be designed. You will have to work a lot to prepare proposals in such spheres as education, youth entrepreneurship, and information policy for the Summit of the Heads of BRICS Countries. Representatives of the Ulyanovsk region are ready to announce a number of significant initiatives that will be reflected in the final version of the document. We have also prepared a special programme for the seminar, which will possibly include placing a capsule and address to descendants. I am proud that it will take place in our region,” - Sergey Morozov emphasized.

A greeting message from Sergey Ryabkov, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, has been sent to participants of the event. It emphasized that youth projects take an important place in activities of the BRICS national union and have great prospects for implementation.

Participants of the seminar meeting in the Ulyanovsk region have the opportunity to work with well-known experts such as Dr. Evandro Menezes de Carvalho (professor of law of the Getulio Vargas Foundation), Mary Sittele (TV host of the Vesti programme), Pavel Krasnorutskiy (Chairman of the All-Russian public organization “Russian Union of Youth”), Maria Antonova (third secretary of BRICS office of the Department for foreign policy of MFA Russia), Vitaly Mankevich (president of the Russian-Asian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs), and Dmitry Ivanov (Head of the International Activities Department of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs).

“The Ulyanovsk region is conveniently located from the geographical point of view and is attractive to our foreign colleagues. They come here not only to work but also to see the natural beauty of Russia. Ulyanovsk has already shown that it can hold major events with the impressive number of participants. All necessary components are here: infrastructure, eagerness to develop, and a good team that includes young people. You have a very energetic and open Governor Sergey Ivanovich Morozov who tests everything himself and is really meticulous. We have already been able to chat with colleagues from BRICS countries, to discuss the condition of youth policy – what young people from Brazil, Africa, and China are interested in. We understand that they are similar and the issues that we will discuss at platforms will be of concern to everyone. So, we have already planned to open Russia's first international youth business incubator of the BRICS countries in the Ulyanovsk region next year. We will try to develop relations in such spheres as agriculture, education, business and blockchain technology”, – said Pavel Krasnorutskiy, Chairman of the All-Russian public organization “Russian Union of Youth”.

During the event, cooperation agreements were signed between the Russian Union of Youth and the Russian-Asian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, as well as between the Russian Union of Youth and Voyenfilm Studio. In addition, within the reached agreements Ulyanovsk State University will become the main scientific platform for the Russian Union of Youth. It will bring together practices and higher education in the field of organization of work with youth. According to experts, it will be the country's first basic department of this kind. It is expected that it will carry out scientific and practical developments and examine primary programmes and documents that are adopted by the main federal authorities, which are engaged in development and coordination of youth policy in Russia.

"The main purpose of our visit is to exchange experience in doing business. We know that now it is developing and it is of interest to young people. We want to borrow competences from our Russian partners. I would like to find new ways for cooperation today. I know that Russia and China do business differently. If you take our country, we prioritize culture, social science, trade, and investments. Our task is to understand what are the advantages and purposes of doing business here", – noted Liu Chanjuan, a representative of the youth delegation from China.