Federal experts: "Ulyanovsk region is the leader in implementation of the National Technology Initiative and innovative activity"

On 20 June within Pivotal Point – Ulyanovsk, a teamwork platform, the Governor Sergey Morozov held the meeting focused on priorities of the Science, Technology and Innovation Policy. It was developed in accordance with the new May Decree of the President of the Russian Federation. Sergey Abdykerov, Director for Development of NTI and Chairman of the Board of AO "Russian Venture Company", and Anton Yemelyanenko, Project Manager of the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia, took part in the discussion.


During the event, Sergey Abdykerov said that the Ulyanovsk region is among the leading regions of the Russian Federation in implementation of the National Technology Initiative.

According to Anton Yemelyanenko, the Ulyanovsk region is a full-fledged member of the Association, which brings together fourteen most innovative regions of the country.

“An innovative region is, first of all, a hi-tech one. It should develop digital and knowledge-driven economy, pay a lot of attention to training of skilled workers and scientific and technical development, as well as bring together science, business and education. When it happens, we can see the synergetic effect: the industrial share in the economy increases and the region shows good indicators of economic growth. In particular, we can see this in the Ulyanovsk region. Our association annually prepares a rating of innovative regions of Russia, and the Ulyanovsk region is always one of its leaders in TOP-20. Based on the results of the last rating, federal authorities and development institutes have evaluated innovative activity of the region and placed it in one of the categories. It means that government of the Ulyanovsk region pays a lot of attention to development of innovations, science and education”, - reported Anton Yemelyanenko, a Project Manager of the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia.

During the meeting, the Governor Sergey Morozov has reported that in order to ensure academic and technological breakthrough it is planned to create the Ulyanovsk Region Technology Development Fund until the end of the year. It will become one of the basic elements of the region's innovative infrastructure and will finance innovative business projects.

“Effective use of scientific and technological capacity of the Ulyanovsk region will be one of the Fund's strategic tasks. This work means introduction of new technologies in production, as well as formation of innovative infrastructure. As a result, it will allow to create new high-performance jobs and to provide conditions for dynamic development of knowledge intensive technologies. We need to include at least 50 million rubles into the Fund's budget for the next year”, - the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region said.

Sergey Morozov has emphasized that it is necessary to continue improving innovative potential: create favorable conditions for technology entrepreneurship and attract private investments into the region.

Vadim Pavlov, Director-General of the Center for Cluster Development, reported to the Governor that a flagship project office for innovative development will be created in the region. "Technology Valley 2.0 project is the first of them and will create the base necessary for successful innovatization of the Ulyanovsk region's economy.

“Our main guide is the May Decree of the President of the Russian Federation. One of the strategic areas involves increasing the number of organizations that introduce technological innovations up to 50% of the total. Center for Cluster Development of the region has to main tasks. The first one is to assist in accelerated technological growth of the Ulyanovsk region through development of the human capital. The second one involves formation of an ecosystem for technology entrepreneurship with the world-class level of the investment attractiveness. It should be focused on the new fast-growing export markets, including the NTI ones”, - reported Vadim Pavlov, Director-General of the Center for Cluster Development.

Pivotal Point – Ulyanovsk will become the platform for acceleration of project ideas and startups aimed at technology entrepreneurship.

Participants of the meeting have also discussed creation of a new model of senior secondary education with the use of successful Russian and international experience. Educational process will place the main emphasis on development of resource thinking and technological outlook, as well as business skills. The key projects will be Kvantorium, a technology park for children, and School in Technocampus.

Measures for support of technology and innovative entrepreneurship in the region have been discussed during the meeting.