Governor Sergey Morozov has identified priorities of the innovative development for the Ulyanovsk region

The head of the region has ordered to improve implementation of the new May Decree of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin regarding formation of favorable conditions for innovative and technology entrepreneurship and attraction of private investments into the regional economy.


“It is necessary to continue increasing innovative capacity of the Ulyanovsk region, to promote core companies and to develop a flexible system of support measures for them. This year we intend to create a Technology Development Fund, which will finance innovative business projects”, - Sergey Morozov said.

Today Technology Valley 2.0 is one of the flagship innovative projects of the Ulyanovsk region. Its implementation promotes formation of a favorable ecosystem to expand research and development activities in the region, ensures continuous development and introduction of the latest technologies in production, creates a stream of hi-tech startups in new sectors of economy, and stimulates demand for innovative products.

The Governor ordered to pay particular attention to the development of inventive and rationalization activities. At the end of June 2018, the All-Union Society of Inventors and Rationalizers (VOIR) named the Ulyanovsk region as the Capital of Invention Activities 201. As a result, a number of regional, interregional and federal events in the innovative sphere will be carried out.

“Our victory in the All-Russian competition has proved that the Ulyanovsk region has set innovative development as its strategic objective and is creating the necessary base for successful innovatization of the economy. Over several months, regions of the country competed with each other in the contest to become the main inventive platform of the country for the whole year. The even was organized by the All-Russian Society of Inventors and Rationalizers, the legendary VOIR.

The quality of regional programmes for creation of the necessary infrastructure for inventors, implementation of educational projects and carrying out mass events in the innovative sphere in 2019 became the main criteria for determining the winner. The Ulyanovsk region received the greatest number of points for each criteria”, - said Vadim Pavlov, the Director General of the Center for Cluster Development of the Ulyanovsk region.

The Governor has also listened to Vadim Pavlov's report regarding the plan of actions for development of invention activities in accordance with the new status of the region. One of its most important spheres will be applying the successful Soviet practice for training in the field of TRIZ technologies (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving).

The programme also includes a practical session with heads of companies concerning organization of work with the National Information System of the Bureau for Support of Rationalization and Invention.

The main part of events is planned to take place in the Ulyanovsk region in 2019. The key ones are creating a multipurpose center for inventive activities, launching a research and technology reality show "Bitva Rasumov", and awarding the Ulyanovsk Inventor badge.

The Ulyanovsk region was declared the winner of The Capital of Invention Activities 2019.