Painting of the first Russian Il-78M-90A aerial refueling tanker is reaching completion

Painting works are carried out at the Ulyanovsk enterprise AO "Spektr-Avia". The main developer of the aircraft is Ilyushin Aviation Complex, and Aviastar-SP plant is the manufacturer.


“We need 12 working days to complete the painting. About 600 liters of paint are used for one plane. At the end of the day there will be about 300-350 kilograms. We had a task to use paints and varnishes made in Russia and we completed it. It is important that it is the first plane that used the new system of painting. We used a new coating developed by a Russian company. It does not have hexavalent chromium, which is very harmful for people. The paint is also of domestic production and has been used in Russia for more than 15 years”, – explained Sergey Kartashov, Director of AO "Spectr-Avia".

Earlier the plane has passed a number of ground tests, which included assessment of the fuel system.

“At the beginning of August, after the painting, the aircraft will undergo flight development tests. Then the aerial refueling tanker will be sent to joint flight-testing, within which it is planned to carry out complete a flight programme. It will help to assess implementation of requirements of performance specifications for the plane,” – commented Yury Kapsha, Director of flight testing and Head of FOXES of LIS AO "Aviastar-SP".

According to Vasily Dontsov, the managing director of the aircraft-building plant, currently the plant is applying a plan for financial improvement, which is focused on completion of the main objectives until 2021. “The key task of the plan is to start mass production of Il-76MD-90A within the next two-three years. As for Il-78M-90A, it is a unique plane because it can be transformed. I am sure that this plane has a great future”, – he said.

Since 2006 the regional government has been supporting the plant through tax benefits. At the initiative of the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region, since 2016 the property tax rate is 0.95%. "In 2016, the savings have exceeded 72 million rubles, and in 2017 they made 68 million rubles", – added Andrey Tyurin, First Deputy Chairman of the regional Government.