New enterprises in the sphere of aircraft and car components production to be created in SEZ "Ulyanovsk"

An expert council under the chairmanship of Dmitry Bogdanov, Deputy Prime Minister of the region, has approved projects of OOO "MekraRus" and OOO "Spektr-AERO", which want to become residents of the special economic zone.


“The special economic zone is one of our main territories for development where any business project of the potential investor can be implemented in the most comfortable and effective way, - the Prime Minister Alexander Smekalin noted. – It is the only industry zone among other active SEZ in Russia that specializes in productions of the aviation sphere. Proximity to the main enterprises of the Ulyanovsk aviation cluster is its main feature, which has created the right background for development of projects connected with transport and logistics services, as well as maintenance and re-equipment of aircraft. Among the projects in the sphere of aviation and logistics, which have already been implemented or are under development, is a plant for production of onboard cable networks and pipeline systems for planes made by PROMTEKH-Ulyanovsk; a customization center for aircraft manufactured by Irkut Corporation; a Spektr-Avia painting complex; and others. However, we do not limit ourselves to just one sphere, so we attract projects for other significant fields”.

OOO "Spektr-AERO" will construct a plant for painting of short- and medium-range aircraft in the port zone. The investment agreement was signed by the Government of the Ulyanovsk region, the Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation, AO "Spektr-Avia" and a French company "STTS GROUP" at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on 24 May. Spektr-Avia has been working in the region for many years and its painting facility is used for wide-body aircraft.

“The project on painting of short- and medium-range aircraft will be placed in PSEZ "Ulyanovsk" and we are going to implement it together with a French company "STTS". We have been working with them for more than 2.5 years. Both our French partners and we highly appreciate advantages of the special economic zone. In particular, its special tax and customs regulations that will allow us to attract aircraft of foreign airlines without any problems. This will help us save our time and money and just do our work as best as we can”, – said Sergey Kartashov, Director of Spektr-Avia.

The investment into the project will be 714 million rubles and about one hundred hi-tech jobs will be created. The company is planning to launch production by 2020.

The second project involves assembly production of rear-view mirrors for KAMAZ trucks made by MekraRus.

“Our company has signed a contract with OOO "DAIMLER KAMAZ RUS" and will provide it with assembled mirrors. The German manufacturer DAIMLER AG chose us as the local supplier of these components in Russia. This means that we meet high requirements of the international concern, – reported Olga Rumynskaya, a representative of MekraRus. – The special economic zone is the best platform for our project because here we will receive tax preference; our suppliers are in the Volga region, so this is also a very convenient place for us as far as its logistics is concerned. In addition, we received a lot of help from the region to start our project”.

The company's plant will be placed in the new facility of the industrial park "Platforma" located in PSEZ. Manufactured products – mirror systems for the K5 cabin and the new Mercedes one – will be delivered to the KAMAZ enterprise in Naberezhnye Chelny. The production will be launched in 2019.

According to Oleg Barabanov, the head of PSEZ "Ulyanovsk", both projects are a good example of cooperation with foreign partners. "Despite the current restrictions, European companies are ready for cooperation and partnership with Russian business. At our platform we offer unique terms, which are attractive for both Russian and foreign companies. This is proved by the fact that we have welcomed companies from Germany and France. In addition, Russian projects are also developing and get approval. For example, 1A, a Russian company which has been a resident of the port zone for one year and a half, has made a decision to extend the project: in addition to the wholesale trade, it has submitted plans for creation of its own logistic center of components for aviation equipment".