Extended meeting of Councils for Professional Qualifications in Mechanical and Aircraft Engineering to take place in the Ulyanovsk region

The event will take place within the International Air Transport Forum "IATF- 2018" on 17 August.


The event will take place within the International Air Transport Forum "IATF- 2018" on 17 August.

“During the meeting a lot of attention will be paid to discussion and explanation of the issues connected with introduction of professional standards and independent assessment of qualifications at enterprises. They might have appeared after the Federal Law No. 238 had come into force”, - explained Andrey Tyurin, the First Deputy Prime Minister of the Ulyanovsk region.

According to organizers, participants of the meeting will discuss application of qualification reference books and their stage-by-stage replacement by professional standards, as well as introduction of professional standards in HR departments. In addition, they will consider synchronization of procedures for assessment of workers' qualification through the system of independent assessment of qualifications.

The event will be held publicly, and all representatives of industrial and educational organizations are invited to attend it. To participate in the meeting, you need to register on the official website of IATF (www.ulaviaforum.ru/apply-participants) or at the contact center (8 (800) 250-79-71, contact@ulaviaforum.ru).

As a reference:

According to the Directive of the President of the Russian Federation,  a new advisory body – the Presidential National Council for Professional Qualifications - was created in 2014. In order to address the issues of development of a system of professional qualifications, the National Council has created a number councils in different spheres. These include the Council for Professional Qualifications in mechanical engineering, which was established in January, 2015. The Councils' key areas of work include monitoring the labor market; new professions; changes in names and lists of professions; development, application and updating of professional standards; development and application of a branch frame for qualifications and qualification requirements in mechanical engineering, as well as organization and coordination of activities for assessment of professional qualifications; participation in development of state educational standards; and many other things.

In 2016, a Council for Professional Qualifications in aircraft engineering started working at the Russian Engineering Union. Its main objective is to create and support the system of professional qualifications in the field of aircraft engineering at the all-Russian level.