Plant for processing of oats and production of Gerkules oat flakes to open in the Ulyanovsk region

A project of the new plant was presented to the Governor Sergey Morozov during his working trip to the Pavlovsk District and visit to SPK "Kalita-Agrotekh" on 14 July.


According to the head of the region, it is very important that this unique project will be implemented in the territory of the region. "Capacity of the plant will be 35 tons of grain per day, and the finished goods output will make 25 tons a day. It is planned to organize a full cycle of production: cultivation and purchase of grain, placing it in the warehouse, production, packing, and sale of goods. The investment will make about 100 million rubles. Thirty-three jobs will be created within implementation of the project", – the Governor noted.

According to Mikhail Semyonkin, the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources of the Ulyanovsk region, activities for development of consumer cooperation in the region have been carried out since 2010. It helped to create more than 70 new agricultural consumer cooperatives; this has increased employment rate and income of rural people. Since the beginning of the current year, seven new cooperatives have been established: Alga, Tsilninskie Krupy, Aliviko, Prodvizhenie, Myasnitsa, Sazhen and Filippovsky. In general, 93.7 million rubles will be used for development of cooperation system in 2018; 40.2 million rubles will come from the federal budget, and 53.5 million rubles - from the regional one. Support is provided in the form of subsidies for purchase of milk, cattle and mini-greenhouses, as well as for rent of trade places in shopping facilities; there are also grants for construction of mini-farms necessary for cattle keeping", – Mikhail Semyonkin said.

According to Vladimir Kazakov, Chairman of Kalita-Agrotekh cooperative, now the cooperative includes nine peasant farms, one private household and two legal entities. “Our cooperative was established at the end of 2016. This year we competed to receive a grant for upgrade of equipment and won it. Grant financing will make more than 14 million rubles. The money will be used for purchase of equipment and commercial vehicles. The next stage of development involves creation of a production facility for processing of oats and production of oat flakes”, – Vladimir Kazakov explained.