Ulyanovsk region to improve mechanism for attraction of investment into the fuel and energy complex

Governor Sergey Morozov gave this order at the staff meeting on 23 July.


“On 19 July, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin signed a law on energy saving and energy efficiency improvement. There are a lot of messages, as well as stricter requirements, including the ones for budget formation. Now each public authority, local government, and public and municipal authorities must send a declaration on consumption of heat and electricity resources on an annual basis. We are planning to increase energy efficiency in all aspects significantly. For this purpose, we will draft a regional law to evaluate state and municipal authorities' activities for increase of power efficiency”, - Sergey Morozov noted.

The head of the region has also ordered to develop a concept of the regional initiative for energy efficiency and participation in international projects. It was decided to create a special working group for power and sustainable construction. The mechanism for attraction of investment into the fuel and energy complex should be improved. Another task includes creation of a single competence center for energy and heat power engineering and renewable power industry.

The region is gradually introducing renewable power sources. The Russia's first industrial wind farm with the capacity of 35 MW has become the first generating facility that has entered the wholesale electricity market. Solar panels have been installed in the Ulyanovsk regional hospital for generation of heat and electric energy. To meet the needs of the regional DMG MORI enterprise, a park of wind generators and solar batteries has been built.

According Dmitry Vavilin, Minister of Industry, Construction, Housing and Transport, the Ulyanovsk region pays a lot of attention to issues of energy efficiency. The total amount of financing from the means of regional and municipal budgets for activities in the field of energy saving and increase in energy efficiency has increased by 90% and made 163 million rubles from 2016 to 2017.

In addition, within implementation of the concession agreement, which has been signed between Inzensky District, OOO "KIT-Energiya" and the Ulyanovsk region and will last for 25 years, it is planned to carry out upgrade of oil-fired boilers through transfer to alternative fuels (gas, solid fuel). In total, it is planned to reconstruct 16 heat supply facilities; the total investment will make 124 million rubles.

One hundred and eighty-four energy service agreements for the total amount of 1427 million rubles have been signed in the territory of the Ulyanovsk region.