Ulyanovsk region has announced recruitment for the car production

During the staff meeting, he Governor Sergey Morozov heard a report of Alexander Lagunov, Deputy Director General of OOO "UAZ", and noted willingness of the regional Government to contribute to development of the enterprise. “We can see that today the plant is creating new jobs and is ready to train people, to invite inhabitants of rural areas where employment is a pressing issue. For us, it is important that the enterprise continue developing because this will improve tax revenues and welfare of inhabitants of the region”, – the head of the region emphasized.


According to the representative of the automobile plant, increase in production is predicted for the second half of the year. As such, the enterprise is creating a lot of new jobs in various spheres. “We offer vacancies of workers at the main production. Among them are welding, painting, press, machine-assembling and metallurgical productions, as well as the facility for stamping and production of frames. In addition, we need experts for UAZ research and development center and production manager administration. Speaking about salary, in the first half of the year the average salary on the plant made 30 000 rubles and 25 600 rubles for the main working professions, – Alexander Lagunov said. – The enterprise is carrying out a large-scale work on implementation of investment projects, which aim to increase labor productivity and to improve quality of products. At the beginning of this year, the new line of tests has been launched. In total, this year we are planning to spend more than 200 million rubles on implementation of the quality program and over half a billion rubles on production modernization”.

According to Andrey Tyurin, the First Deputy Chairman of the regional Government, the plant is going to keep the output at the level of the last year through stable growth of export supply and expansion of the production range. “In February 2018, Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant opened the first UAZ dealer center in Costa Rica (Latin America). Now, we have several types of cars to Costa Rica. These include UAZ Patriot and UAZ Pickup with diesel engines and of comfort class, UAZ Pro in 4×4 and 4×2 variations with a gasoline engine and gas equipment. Starting from the second quarter of 2018, Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant had launched production of SUVs and buses in the Republic of Kazakhstan”, – the Deputy Chairman commented.