Young people from the Ulyanovsk region and China to develop joint business projects

On 24 July, the Governor Sergey Morozov opened the Russian-Chinese student's business incubator. It will work in the region over the next two weeks.


“I am very pleased that the Ulyanovsk region helps to strengthen Russian-Chinese partnership; our initiative to create a business incubator was supported by both Chinese and Russian Presidents. This finds reflection in the plan on implementation of the Neighborhood Agreement, which was signed a year ago. Frankly speaking, we are often inspired by Chinese experience while developing regional programmes and reforms. And as far as SME support is concerned, we have studied experience Iu, a city in China that thanks to small business has evolved from an unknown small settlement (from China‘s perspective) into the city which is now famous all around the world. Twenty years ago it was just a small town where agriculture was the main occupation of the population. Now there are two million inhabitants. It is a rapidly expanding center of international wholesale trade. I think it is a great example of a successful state policy that benefits business. We want Russian cities to become such examples, too. Special thanks are owed to our dear guests from the People's Republic of China – we thank you for the visit and your attention! It is especially great to see residents from the Province of Shanxi, our oldest partner. I would like to remind that Days of the Province of Shanxi will take place in the Ulyanovsk region in October, and in 2019 Days of the Ulyanovsk region will be carried out in the People's Republic of China”, – the head of the region said.

In 2018, the organizers of this international project are the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the Russian Union of Youth, the All-China Youth Federation and the Russian-Chinese Committee of Friendship, Peace and Development. ULSU (Ulyanovsk State University) is a partner and represents the region.

“It is a successful project that proved our importance in 2017. It provided us with 11 signed agreements, which are now under implementation. I am sure that this year there will be even more arrangements and even more young businesspeople from Russia and China will create joint ventures, which will develop both in the Ulyanovsk region and in Guizhou, our twin-city in the People's Republic of China. Implementation of this project in the territory of the region is a merit of the Governor Sergey Ivanovich Morozov pays a lot of attention to projects of the Russian Union of Youth”, – emphasized Pavel Krasnorutsky, Chairman of RUY.

The programme of the business incubator includes work with regional and federal experts, business meetings with public authorities and business  representatives of the region, and visits to enterprises and districts. Twenty young businesspeople from among students and experts from the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China have become residents of the business incubator this year. One of the main objectives of the business incubator is training of youth from Russia and China in doing joint business in the territory of these two countries.

“For us it is a great honor to visit Russia and to participate in the opening ceremony of the Russian-Chinese business incubator. I represent the Youth Union of Governors of the Shanxi Province. Our delegation wants to thank each participant and the Government of the region for their support of the event. Cooperation between China and Russia has a long record. Recently exchanges in the spheres of economy and culture have become quite common. We hope that during our stay in your city, we will be able to see all its charm. While planning this event, your party has provided us with the opportunity to visit the largest organizations and enterprises and to gain valuable knowledge, to learn more about Ulyanovsk economy and industry. I am sure that we will be able to organize a platform for future cooperation between our countries”, – commented Cao Wenjun, the head of the delegation from the People's Republic of China.

After the event there was a memorable plate signing ceremony in honor of the Russian-Chinese youth business incubator’s opening.