Ulyanovsk initiatives for support of talented children to be included into the summarized resolution of the All-Russian Forum of Young Talents

This federal event took place in the region from 26 to 28 August. It was held at the initiative of the Governor Sergey Morozov, the Ministry of Public Education of the Russian Federation with assistance of the Potential-Plus Fund (“Potentsial-Plus”), the regional center for cluster development, ULNANOTECH, and the Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University.


According to the relevant agency, about 600 people visited platforms of the forum over three days. These included heads of federal centers for work with talented people, winners of the All-Russian Olympic Games and competitions, teachers from educational organizations, and federal experts. Participants of the event said that Ulyanovsk experience was one of the best in this sphere.

“One can say that this event has become the starting point for development of a system focused on work with talented children. Today we have three main objectives. The first one is related to information support of this subject, the second one concerns promotion of opportunities for parents. The Governor of the Ulyanovsk region has made the right decision to suggest creation of an association of graduates of Sirius. The third objective focuses on systematization of the available data about talents and methodological support of teachers today. Each region does a lot in this sphere and has something to be proud. However, we understand that it is necessary to keep these topics up to date, to apply a system approach. Experience of the Ulyanovsk region can become an example in this sphere. Of course, we need support from the leaders of constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Many participants have noted that if heads of regions worked as actively and paid this sphere as much attention as Sergey Ivanovich, then they would have no issues promoting it”, - said Elena Rodionova, Head of the working group of the Coordination Council of the Russian Schoolchildren Movement, Director of the Social Technologies and Communications Agency.

During the opening of the forum, the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region suggested a number of initiatives that would be included in the summarized resolution; in particular, to create Alliance of Regional Centers for Identification and Support of Talented Children and Youth, which would cooperate with Sirius. According to the head of the region, this could become the first step in formation of the national system for work with talents. In addition, Sergey Morozov has suggested creating an association for graduates of the Sirius center.

According to the First Deputy Prime Minister Ekaterina Uba, the region has received a number of offers after the forum. "We have worked well. There is an idea to create district representative offices of the Sirius center, which will become coordination centers. Now the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation is studying this topic. I think that the Ulyanovsk region has good chances to become a district center at the level of the Volga Federal District; we will prepare a relevant application. In addition, after the forum our regional coordinator for work with talented people received an offer become a part of the working group to develop criteria for the Russian competition among regional centers to receive federal funds. Another offer concerns creation of professional community at the regional level. We plan to discuss this subject with parents in the nearest future", - Ekaterina Uba explained.