Maxim Oreshkin, Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation: "We will support projects of the Ulyanovsk region to develop industrial parks"

During the working trip on 4 September, the head of the federal department visited Zavolzhye industrial park and discussed business development with residents of the park and the Port Special Economic Zone.


"Looking at the Ulyanovsk region, we can see an actively developing infrastructure. The region has industrial parks, in particular, the one in Zavolzhye, and a special economic zone. It is one of the best examples in the country; it brings all the necessary elements together, and companies are happy to come and establish their productions here. There is a unique combination of transparent regulation, a special industrial infrastructure, and support provided by the regional authorities and the Governor. We are currently working on the new programme for business development and we are going to consider Ulyanovsk experience in order to support projects in development of industrial parks", – Maxim Oreshkin noted.

There are large international companies working in Zavolzhy industrial park. They include DMG MORI, Nemak, Mars, Hempel, Bridgestone, Jokey, Sheffler, Legrand, and others. One ruble of budgetary investment into the park is equivalent to 34.54 rubles of residents' investment and 12.46 rubles of tax payments to the regional budget. Between 2009 and 2017, residents of the park have transferred 13.5 billion rubles of taxes (excluding tax benefits) to the budget of the Ulyanovsk region; it has exceed public funds invested into the park infrastructure by many times.

"We intend to continue creating new development territories in the Ulyanovsk region and providing additional subsidies through measures developed by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. Financial and economic department of the Russian Federation in the Government is working on an important law for protection of investment. It will serve as a guaranty for business and help to attract a greater number of foreign and Russian investors, as well as give the chance to create new productions", - the Governor Sergey Morozov said.

During the meeting, projects of the Port Special Economic Zone "Ulyanovsk" were demonstrated to Maxim Oreshkin, Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

“The projects were presented by residents of the industrial park "Platforma"– a production facility that is ready for business and has been put into operation this year. It can accommodate up to 10 companies. Among them there is a joint Russian-Chinese medical cluster (AO "NTM Group"), which has demonstrated samples of medical equipment that will be made at the production; Ecobase, a manufacturer of light-emitting diodes; MEKRA Lang; 12X; Supplier of the Far East ("Postavshchik Dalnego Vostoka"); and others”, – said Sergey Vasin, CEO of the Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation.

Maxim Oreshkin has highly praised potential of the port zone and has handed certificates to MEKRARUS and 12X companies that prove their status as residents of PSEZ "Ulyanovsk".

OOO "MEKRARUS" (partner of Mekra Lang, a German company ), which is a supplier of Daimler AG in Russia, will establish an assembly production of rear-view mirrors for KamAZ trucks in the industrial park "Platforma" in PSEZ. The investor has already started implementation of the project and is carrying out construction and installation work now. The company is also waiting for supplies of equipment and is planning to launch production in October.

“Thanks to our Ulyanovsk partners, we have an opportunity to develop our production in your region. There are really good conditions for implementation of investment projects and a quick start. The first products of our company in Ulyanovsk will be made this year. We will start mass production at the beginning of 2019”, - noted Dr. Werner Lang, the owner of Mekra Lang.

The investor has facilities in Europe, Asia and the USA. Ulyanovsk is still the only region in Russia that will manufacture German mirrors.

OOO "12X", a Russian company that will manufacture equipment of radio-frequency identification in the industrial park "Platforma", has also received a resident certificate. The RFID equipment is made for record and data read-out, as well as recognition of information from RFID tags. It is used for identification and marking of various objects and things. This type of devices is used at customs posts of the Russian Federation; they are also widely applied in logistics while it significantly simplifies work of warehouse workers.