Ulyanovsk region's best practices for business support will be used during implementation of the new national project to develop small and medium entrepreneurship

Maxim Oreshkin, Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, announced this during his working trip to the region. Today the head of the federal department has visited the House of Entrepreneurship where he has met with novice businesspeople — representatives of large enterprises working in Zavolzhye industrial park and PSEZ and participants of the "I am doing business" (“Ya delayu bizness”) project that provides career guidance to students.


“The positive trends that can be seen in the Ulyanovsk region show that decisions made here have good result. In the nearest future, we will complete preparation of the national project for development of small and medium entrepreneurship. Experience of the Ulyanovsk region will be applied through mechanisms for implementation of the national project across all over the Russian Federation”, - Maxim Oreshkin emphasized.

The Governor Sergey Morozov has noted that now the Ulyanovsk region is working on improvement of business climate; new development territories are created and additional support measures are implemented. Many of them are based on the preferences that are under development by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

“I was glad to hear about the support measures that are developed by the Ministry of Economic Development within the 204th Decree of the President. It opens up new horizons for the Ulyanovsk region. Today we have already collected approximately 35 billion rubles in revenues to the consolidated budget, and it is one of the highest growth rates in the region's history – more than 10%. Moreover, the very structure of revenues to the budget has started changing in the right way. If two-three years ago excise duties were the main source of income, the personal income tax was less important, and the least significant was the corporate income tax, then now everything has fallen into place. Thanks to the correct management decisions that have been made by the Financial and Economic department of the Russian Federation. Today income tax takes the first place. Its growth rates are rather high: 41% compared to the previous year and makes approximately 8.5 billion rubles. The second place is taken by the personal income tax with the growth rate of more than 23% (about 7 billion rubles). Then comes the property tax, excise duties and other tax and non-tax sources of revenue”, - the head of the region said.

In addition, he has noted that since the beginning of the year, the region has registered more than three thousand new enterprises, which is by 2.5% more than last year. “This is the result of work on promotion of business and involvement of people in economic processes. This indicator is one of the most important in the national project for development of small and medium entrepreneurship”, - Sergey Morozov explained.

Ruslan Gaynetdinov, Chairman of the executive board of the Corporation for Development of Entrepreneurship of the Ulyanovsk Region, has presented programs for young people. "Today we and the Ministry of Economic Development are implementing additional projects to involve youth into business. For example, "I am doing business" is a project focused on early career guidance for school and university students. We show them success stories of our leading businesspeople, the ways to develop, and how one can sell a specific product", - he said.

In addition, on the same day Maxim Oreshkin and Sergey Morozov handed certificates of gratitude to novice businesspeople. According to the experts of the Corporation for Development of Entrepreneurship of the Ulyanovsk Region, this document and a special booklet for a businessperson will be provided to anyone who is going to register their business.