Russia's first production of blades for wind generators to be launched in the Ulyanovsk region in 2019

On 3 September, the ceremony of laying of a time capsule took place at the construction site of the Vestas plant.


“In the Ulyanovsk region we are creating a new branch of economy literally from scratch. We are building a powerful wind farm and are forming a production chain to manufacture wind turbines. The first such object (both in the region and the Russian Federation) with the capacity of 35 MW has been working since the beginning of this year and has already fed into the grid. Next, we are planning to build and launch a park with the capacity of 50 MW. But the most important and difficult task of this project is to bring together and localize competencies related to production of wind turbines in the region, as well as the ones focused on development and production of their components. We receive not only technologies and jobs but also open great opportunities for Russian manufacturers to become a part of sophisticated hi-tech production chains”, – the head of the region Sergey Morozov noted.

Vestas facility is located in the territory of the aviation cluster in Ulyanovsk. Construction works are performed by DARS according to the established project terms. About 60% of the planned activities are already complete.

“According to conditions of the special investment agreement that we have signed, we have to commission the plant in the first quarter of 2019. It means that at the beginning of the next year, our production will begin working at its full capacity, and we will perform deliveries of Russian blades. First, we will bring them to the facilities of our partner and customer – the Wind Power Development – that will be placed throughout the Russian Federation. We also have obligations to export blades outside Russia. We are working on it now”, – reported Kimal Yusupov, Derector General of Vestas Manufacturing Rus.

We would like to remind that Vestas Manufacturing Rus is localizing its production of composite blades for wind turbines in the Ulyanovsk region. The extimated capacity of power equipment will be 3.6 MW; it will be possible to increase it up to 4.2 MW. Vestas, RUSNANO and the Consortium of Investors of the Ulyanovsk Region, which includes ULNANOTECH nanocenter and the Development Corporation, are partners of the project. The investment will make 1.4 billion rubles, and more than 200 new hi-tech jobs will be created for inhabitants of the region. In a year, the annual output is expected to reach about 300 blades.

According to Alisher Kalanov, Head of the RES Investment Division of RUSNANO, in addition to blades the joint programme with Vestas includes production of towers for wind turbines in Russia; this will ensure implementation of requirements to localization of renewable energy facilities in the wholesale market.

In addition, currently the Ulyanovsk region is carrying out construction of the second wind farm with the capacity of 50 MW. It will have 14 wind turbines (3.6 MW each). The work is carried out by the Fortum-RUSNANO Fund.

“The wind farm is under active construction. Earlier the project has passed an inspection and received a permission. Currently we are finishing the foundation, constructing roads, delivering blades and other components. We are going to commission the facility in the first quarter of the following year”, – reported Alexander Chuvayev, Director General of PAO "Fortum".

He has also mention progress of the region in creation of a favorable environment for doing business. “Our main partner is the team of the Ulyanovsk region headed by the Governor. We work in different regions of the country and see different investment climate. I can say for sure that the one in the Ulyanovsk region is one of the best thanks to the Governor. That is why we have built the first wind farm here and we are working on the second one together with RUSNANO”.