International airport named after N. M. Karamzin has opened after reconstruction

Commissioning of the air harbor, including the runway, took place on 6 September. The special event, which was attended by the Governor Sergey Morozov, started with landing of the technical flight Il-76 at the airport.


"Today there is a great event: the main air gateway of the aviation capital of Russia - the Ulyanovsk region - is ready for work and waiting for passengers. We were looking forward to this event, so I congratulate all inhabitants and guests of the region", - the Governor Sergey Morozov said.

Reconstruction of the artificial runway and facilities of the aerodrome complex is carried out according to the federal target programme "Development of the Transport System of Russia". This work began in 2015. Over this time, several tasks have been completed. These include asphalt paving, which covered 3100 meters in accordance with the new standards; refurbishing of the airport apron and taxiways; replacement of the light-signal equipment; construction of the new runway supervisory unit, aircraft parking positions and   drainage facilities. Radio beacons and weather equipment have been replaced, a patrolling road have been rebuilt, and transformer substations have been mounted. The total cost of the reconstruction amounted to 1.48 billion rubles.