Design office to be created in the Ulyanovsk region for implementation of the national project in health care with involvement of federal experts

To exchange the best experience and to improve the quality of medical care, regional Ministry of Health will establish cooperation with Kazan State Medical Academy (KSMA).


During a working visit to the Ulyanovsk region, the delegation of KSMA (department of the Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation) headed by the director Rustem Khasanov has signed a cooperation agreement and developed a plan of further collaboration.

Sergey Panchenko, Minister of Health, Family and Social Welfare, has noted that partnership with Kazan Academy would allow to increase efficiency in implementation of the National Health Care project in the region.

“Thanks to support of the Governor Sergey Morozov, we annually update infrastructure of medical institutions and purchase new modern equipment. At the moment, we have a task to introduce the best practices of the organization in health care. That is why during collaboration with colleagues from Kazan, we will place increased emphasis on treatment of children and patients with oncological, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. As a result of this work we have to create an effective implementation programme to increase availability and quality of health care services. Within a week, specialists of the regional Ministry of Health will develop a summary analysis of demographic indicators, as well as suggest prime steps. Ulyanovsk Medical Center for Information and Analysis will play a major role in this work. It will monitor and analyze morbidity and mortality rates of the population in the selected nosology”, - Sergey Panchenko explained.

To complete tasks set by the President of the Russian Federation for stabilization of the demographic situation in the country, 12 national projects are under implementation, including the Health Care one. It will involve eight spheres such as improvement of primary health care, fight against cardiovascular and oncological diseases, development of children's health care, training of specialists and professional development, development of national medical research centers, digitalization of health care, and development of medical tourism.

According to Rustem Khasanov, a corresponding member of RAS and the director of KSMA, a design office will include main profile non-staff specialists of the Ministry of Health and heads of the leading medical institutions of the Ulyanovsk region, as well as heads of Kazan Medical Academy's departments.

“We have a number of tasks and we are going to use all available resources of the Ulyanovsk region and Kazan State Medical Academy to complete them. I am talking not only about introduction of new practices and techniques, but also about revision of the current health care system. Even now, one can see that we need to rework the process of medical examination, which is the main tool for the early detection of many diseases. We will also consider the possibility to involve higher education institutions (which are partners of the Ministry of Health) in our work. Members of the working group will undergo specialized training to organize well-coordinated and productive work”, - Rustem Khasanov said.

Members of the delegation have also visited city polyclinic No. 1 named after S.M. Kirov. Today this establishment is fully staffed with local therapists. Last year, the hospital employed an endocrinologist, a dermatologist, an otolaryngologist, a therapist and two gynecologists.

“Ove a relatively short period of time (about one and a half years), the head of this establishment together with the Government and the Ministry of Health of the Ulyanovsk region was able to hire enough district and specialized doctors. It is impossible to attract staff members, especially non-resident ones, without measures of social support or benefits for purchase of housing. Targeted support is very important. Not in all regions have such close interaction with administration; we are very happy to see this work here", - said Dr. habil., professor Tamara Sadykova, a manager of the department of public health, economy and health management of the Kazan State Medical Academy.

At the initiative of the Governor Sergey Morozov, the Ulyanovsk region is developing a special programme to provide staff of medical institutions with housing. In 2018, medical institutions of the region received forty-seven rent-free apartments. Next year it is planned to provide fifty more.