Leading experts praised experience of the Ulyanovsk region for development of monotowns and urban spaces

During the plenary session of the VIII International Cultural Forum on 21 September, the Governor Sergey Morozov announced a number of thematic initiatives.


The session was attended by Evgeny Podshivalov (Deputy Director General, Head of department at the Monotowns Development Fund), Robert Eyzolt (consultant for economy creative directions), Cees Donkers (co-founder of Eindhoven Center for City Architecture and Design), and Tatyana Ivshina (director of the foundation "Ulyanovsk – the Capital of Culture").

“Over the last 13 years, the Ulyanovsk region has made a breakthrough in social and economic development. We have created an investment policy that is one of the best in the country, have attracted dozens of the new large enterprises, have achieved steady growth of the industrial production index and the construction industry. Compared to the general stable development, one-sector territories lagged behind. It is difficult for them to overcome their dependence on a single industry or enterprise; that is why we have made a decision to reorganize the economy, to attract new investment projects, and to stimulate entrepreneurship in such cities and settlements. We have become interested in the synthesis of two spheres: development of monotowns and creative spaces and industries. There are four settlements in our region – Inza, Novoulyanovsk, industrial community Silikatnyj and Dimitrovgrad – that were included in the list of "single-industry settlements of the Russian Federation". Creative spaces Kvartal and Gorizont have been created; and we have developed our own comprehensive set of measures for support of such territories, which are not a part of the federal list”, – said the head of the region Sergey Morozov.

Over the last year, monotowns of the region have carried out renovation of main streets and surrounding promenade areas; they have also started modernization of public health facilities. Improvement of public spaces and common areas continues; facilities are selected for update with participation of the population.

"It is amazing that you think about development of creative industries. The greatest value of such activities is the opportunity to show that all methods and tools announced today really work. I respect your city because one can see the number of young people who are already involved in these processes here. Working with this generation is a worthy cause which will surely yield positive result", – emphasized Cees Donkers.

The Ulyanovsk region and its partners are ready to implement several activities. So, Ulyanovsk – the Capital of Culture Foundation and ULSU (Ulyanovsk State University) have offered to develop a model programme for the Monotowns Development Fund to create and develop creative spaces in single-industry territories of the Russian Federation. There is also an initiative within the Fund's project "Monotowns Development Academy" to hold a thematic training module in Dimitrovgrad in 2019.

“Your region has positive examples such as Kvartal in Ulyanovsk and  Gorizont in Dimitrovgrad, which development was promoted by the Government of the region and the Governor Sergey Morozov. We can support such initiatives. The fund will consider pro­posals announced by the head of the region. It is clear that development of creative economy and spaces must be a part of experience exchange between monotowns, so that their heads from the northwest to the Far East could learn about the current successful practices” – said Evgeny Podshivalov, Deputy Director General and Head of department at the Monotowns Development Fund.