Russian-Japanese youth forum to take place in the Ulyanovsk region

From 26 to 28 September, the Ulyanovsk region will become one of the three places to host the event. Another two are Moscow and Ryazan. The project will take place within the Year of Russia in Japan and the Year of Japan in Russia to develop youth cooperation between the countries.


The educational programme will include roundtable discussion, excursions, foresight-sessions with participation of Russian and Japanese students. There will be four main topics: “Sport and a Healthy Lifestyle”, “Development of Cooperation in the Sphere of Small and Medium Entrepreneurship”, “Russian Language in Japan and Japanese Language in Russia”, and “Preservation and Presentation of National Culture”.

“By order of the Governor Sergey Morozov, the Ulyanovsk region pays considerable attention to international interaction in its youth and regional policy; work within the cross year is conducted step-by-step. This spring at the main library, the Book Palace, we opened a Center for Japanese Culture; we also carried out the Second International Forum "Japanese Spring on the Volga", as well as the festival "Days of Japan in Ulyanovsk", which was attended by about 7.5 thousand people. The region is building up cooperation in the sphere of human development, health care, and science and education. We want to support interest of young people in modern and classical national Russian and Japanese literature, as well as to improve mutual understanding between the peoples”, - said Irina Lukyanova, Minister of Youth Development of the Ulyanovsk region.

It is planned that the opening ceremony of the Russian-Japanese Youth Forum will take place at 19:00 in Dvoryanskoe Sobranie on 26 September. Before it, participants will be introduced to activities of the industrial park "Zavolzhye" and the technopark "Ulyanovsk Сenter for Technology Transfer"; they will visit a fitness and health centre "Leader" ("Lider").There will also be a cultural and educational programme in I.A. Goncharov Center-Museum, the Ulyanovsk regional scientific library n.a. V.I.Lenin, and the Ulyanovsk Center for Japanese Culture.

Thematic platforms in regional universities will start on 27 September. "Sport and a Healthy Lifestyle" and "Preservation and Presentation of National Culture" workshops will be opened at the Ulyanovsk State University. "Development of Cooperation in the Sphere of Small and Medium Entrepreneurship" topic will be discussed at the Ulyanovsk State Technical University. “Russian Language in Japan and Japanese Language in Russia” platform will bring together participants at the Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University.

Official opening of the forum took place on 24 September in MSIIR MFA of Russia (Moscow State Institute of International Relations - MGIMO). It is planned that until 29 September, it will be attended by one hundred and fifty student from Russia and Japan.

Organizers of the forum include organizations from both countries. The Russian side is represented by the Federal State Budgetary Institution "Resursnyj Molodezhnyj Centr", which works as the Coordinating Bureau for Russian-Japanese youth exchanges, with assistance of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, the Governments of the Ulyanovsk region and Ryazan State University named after S.A. Yesenin; the Japanese side - by the Japan Russia Youth Exchange Center.