Laboratory and manufacturing complex for production of polymeric materials to be constructed in the Ulyanovsk region

A project for construction of the new facility at the All-Russian Scientific-Research Institute of Aviation Materials has been approved by Russia's General Board of State Expert Review (Glavgosexpertiza).


The decision for construction was made at the end of 2017 during the meeting of the Governor Sergey Morozov and Evgeny Kablov, Director General of the All-Russian Research Institute of Aviation Materials.

“A favorable opinion of the General Board of State Expert Review makes us believe that by constructing such a complex, the Ulyanovsk region will strengthen its competence in manufacturing of composite materials for various industries, road facilities and many other spheres. A cooperation agreement, which we have signed with the All-Russian Research Institute of Aviation Materials within the International Air Transport Forum this year, will also help this development”, - the head of the region emphasized.

Experts have concluded that results of engineering researches and project documentation conform to requirements of technical regulations and other specifications, and project documentation correspond with the results of engineering surveys made for it. Papers regarding estimated cost of works has also received positive reviews.

As a reference:

The Ulyanovsk Scientific and Technological Center VIAM (All-Russian Research Institute of Aviation Materials) is working on development of innovative technologies and manufactures products for various industries such as aviation, oil and gas, rail and road transport, and food and processing, as well as Ulyanovsk small businesses. This organization is a part of the aviation and production cluster of the Ulyanovsk region.

The laboratory and manufacturing complex under construction will be used to create production capacities to make prepreg with the use of melted binders and fillers, as well as binding and adhesive film fabrics. These materials will aim to provide production and modernization of priority military and specialized equipment.

The designed facility consists of three-storey administration and accommodation blocks and one-storey production ones. The project documentation includes improvement of the territory around the complex, in particular it is planned to create driveways and platforms with an asphalt covering, sidewalks, and lawns, and to install benches and litterbins.

It is planned to provide financing for construction of the facility from the federal budget and internal funds of the All-Russian Research Institute of Aviation Materials.