Wind farm with the capacity of 25 MW to be built in the Ulyanovsk region

The head of the region has reached the agreement during his work at the Wind Energy International Forum 2018 in Hamburg.


“We have held more than ten meetings with potential investors, companies working in the field of wind power engineering. A large European company, which constructs wind farms worldwide, has agreed to implement in the Ulyanovsk region a project for construction of a wind power station with the capacity of 25 MW. According to preliminary estimates, investment into the project will make about 30 million euros, and is planned to start its implementation in the spring of 2019. The capacity of 25 MW is only the first "pilot" stage of the project; during the next one, it is possible to increase it up to 40 MW. In addition, as a result of negotiations, Ulyanovsk will be visited by one more leading company, a developer of wind farms, in October. It will examine facilities and infrastructure of the region”, – Sergey Morozov reported.

A meeting with the management of the Vestas company, which was represented by Tommy Rabek Nielsen (Senior Vice-President of Vestas Wind Systems A/S), Kimal Yusupov (Director General of Vestas Russia) and Alisher Kalanov (Head of the RES Investment Division of RUSNANO), was also very productive. They discussed implementation of the project for creation of the Russia's first plant to manufacture blades for wind generators. The investor completes all conditions and terms established by the special investment contract. Currently, reconstruction of the facility is well under way, as well as installation of production equipment. The opening ceremony of the enterprise will take place in December.

The company localizes production of composite blades for wind turbines in the Ulyanovsk region. The installed capacity of power equipment will be 3.6 MW and it can be increased up to 4.2 MW. The list of partners consists of Vestas, RUSNANO and Consortium of Investors of the Ulyanovsk region, which includes ULNANOTECH and Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation. Investment into construction of the plant will make over 1 billion rubles and more than 200 new hi-tech jobs will be created for inhabitants of the region. On 3 September, a solemn time-capsule ceremony was held at the construction site of the Vestas wind turbine blades manufacturing plant.

During the forum, Ulyanovsk region delegation continued its work for development of the suppliers' park for wind industry. “We have held meetings with heads of several major hi-tech industrial companies from Russia, Europe and the USA working in the field of renewable power sources. We discussed development of their plants in the Ulyanovsk region and reached an agreement to place a production in our region that will focus on one of the key components of wind turbines. We hope that the company will visit us in the nearest future so that we could demonstrate our advanced investment facilities”, – noted Igor Ryabikov, First Deputy Director General of the Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation.