Six cooperation agreements have been signed at the International Cultural Forum in the Ulyanovsk region

They focused on the fashion industry, the musical sphere, organization of events, and education and architecture. In total, about seventeen thousand people from 18 countries and 60 regions of the Russian Federation took part in the project. The major cultural event brought together the Creative Industries Forum, the International Artist Assembly "The Plastov's Fall", and the Forum of Young Writers from Russia, the CIS and Abroad.


“The project has come to the end, but we will continue working with creative communities of the region. The Governor Governor Sergey Morozov has  stressed its importance and noted that it is necessary to look for and develop tools to promote creative businesspeople working in the region. There is a good reason why one of the national projects, which has been launched in the Russian Federation, aims to support export of the non-oil and gas market. We must focus on export of not only oil, gas and other resources, but also creative and intellectual products. This is why the Ulyanovsk region and Russia in general develop and support the creative community”, – noted Tatyana Ivshina, Executive Director of the Foundation "Ulyanovsk – the Capital of Culture".

We would like to remind that Sergey Morozov has declared 2018 as the Year of Smart Technologies and Creative Industries. The Ulyanovsk forum became the main event. Its business programme included more than 65 activities – lectures, master classes, round table discussions, and a plenary session. They were attended by about 1400 people.

Cooperation agreements have been signed at several venues of the project at once. During the Creative Industries 2.0 session focused on fashion, Kadzuma Mori (a Japanese importer and the creator of the Uggla online fashion store) made a settlement with RIONA (a  company from Ulyanovsk) to deliver goods made by the local manufacturers to Japan.

During the musical conference "Regional music community: musical industry of the non-capital city", a local band called LoveFade has reached an agreement with Alexander Ionov's label "IONOFFMUSIC". "Now one can say that Ulyanovsk musicians have access to major Russian labels and festivals. The speakers wish that next year the conference would organize a venue where all Ulyanovsk music bands could show their creativity to musical experts ", –said Pavel Soldatov, the curator of the section.

Representatives of design and business have signed a cooperation agreement between the Moscow Interactive Agency "AGIMA" and Ulyanovsk companies "Pro100" and "Kontora Ivanova". Artur Arsyonov, Creative Director and the founder of the Moscow studio "LOOI", has reviewed designers' works and made a number of proposals of joint activities.

Signing of a foundation agreement regarding establishment of the regional Association of Events Organizers (URAOM) in the Ulyanovsk region became one of the key events of the platform "Event-management: how to win the city's heart?". In addition, federal experts highly praised experience of the region in development of monotowns and city spaces. Next week Irina Makiyeva, Director General of the Monotown Development Fund, will discuss further cooperation and development of the programme for creation of youth creative spaces such as "Kvartal" (Ulyanovsk) and "Gorizont" (Dimitrovgrad) in the regions of the Russian Federation.

Development of the memorandum on preservation and development of Soviet modernism facilities has become an important result of the MCF-2018 session devoted to architecture. The document will be presented to the community in the nearest future to become a special instruction for development and preservation of Soviet modernism facilities in the Ulyanovsk region and other places in the country.

As a result of the educational session, a continuing education programme "Prodazhi dlya tvorcov" was launched. It is the first professional profile project created by the Foundation "Ulyanovsk – the Capital of Culture" and the Ulyanovsk State University.

A complex cultural programme was organized within the forum. It was visited by more than 10,000 people. Ulyanovsk residents were able to watch performances of the Golden Mask Theater Festival. The Foundation "Ulyanovsk – the Capital of Culture" held an Art Festival "Lampa" in creative spaces of the region, which included performances by Russian music bands. The MyFest Festival took place in the region for the second time; it demonstrated creative projects made by local businesspeople and held master classes.

According to organizers, the Ulyanovsk region is systemically engaged in development of creative industries. The purpose of such projects is improvement of creative potential of businesspeople in the region.