Ulyanovsk Theatre for Young Audiences to create joint projects with German theaters

NEBOLSHOY TEATR toured Germany from 8 to 18 October, 2018.


The trip was part of the project "Kharms. Kandinsky. Russkie korni - Nemeckiy sled". It was supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation within the programme "Kultura maloy rodiny" ("Theatres for Children") created by the United Russia party. Two performances were presented in Germany. The first one was "Plikh i Plyukh i Prochie" directed by the Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation Eduard Terekhov and the second one - "CHEKHOV. Predlozhenie" directed by Marina Korneva. The performances were attended by the Russian-speaking population of the country and Germans interested in Russian culture and learning Russian.

“The tour in Germany was so successful that it opened the door for our region to perform in Munich and Berlin, and the whole Saxony as far as joint activities are concerned. Now we already have preliminary agreements with two German theaters from Dresden and Stuttgart so that they could visit our theater festival in May 2019. Together with Saxon theaters we are working on a project that we would like to keep a secret for now”, - said Eduard Terekhov, Director of the Theatre for Young Audiences.

The German tour of the Ulyanovsk theater in Munich started with the performance "Predlozhenie". It became a real gift for all admirers of the Russian literature. The audience noticed the director's approach to the idea of A.P. Chekhov, great skills of actors, and the amazing use of acting space.

"An outstanding performance, we really enjoyed it. It was fascinating and breathtaking. Amazing acting and the emotions that the actors shared with the audience. I wish there were more performances like this! Please, visit us again; we will be waiting for you. We lack such Russian performances and actors in Germany!" - spectators Katerina Maier and Olga Keller have shared their impressions.

Guests of the Russian House of Science and Culture in Berlin, the largest center of Rossotrudnichestvo, saw the performance "Plikh i Plyukh i Prochie" on 14 October. On 17 October, NEBOLSHOY TEATR finished its tour with the performance "CHEKHOV. Predlozhenie" in Dresden. The trip also included business meetings and negotiations; creative partnership was established for implementation of future joint projects.

Tours of the Ulyanovsk Theatre for Young Audiences aimed to expand Russian-German cooperation in the sphere of art and to promote Russian culture at the international level.