Ulyanovsk region and Republic of Kazakhstan are ready to expand cooperation

The Governor Sergey Morozov is going to discuss promising areas of cooperation with partners from the Republic of Kazakhstan on 9 November.


The head of the Ulyanovsk region will participate in the plenary session of the XV Russia-Kazakhstan Interregional Cooperation Forum. Vladimir Putin is also planning to attend the event.

Government officials will discuss cooperation in such spheres as tourism, business and entrepreneurship.

“I would like to mention we have a longstanding and warm relationship with the Republic of Kazakhstan. Over the last 5 years, Kazakhstan has been among the ten major trade partners of the Ulyanovsk region in the sphere of foreign trade. Our business actively implements its projects in the territory of the neighboring state. Now there are three representative offices of AO "Promservis", an assembly production for several UAZ models, and AO "CTC Metallokonstruktsiya". Several Russian-Kazakhstan investment projects have also been implemented in our region. In particular, a fish processing plant has been working in Melekessky District for several years. We are ready to provide mutually beneficial and comfortable conditions for future development. Our doors are open for both strategic partners and loyal friends”, - Sergey Morozov noted.

In addition, according to the Governor, more than one thousand tourists from Kazakhstan annually visit the Ulyanovsk region. The region actively develops interuniversity cooperation and improves relations in the sphere of agriculture, education, veterinary science and others. As experience shows, successful interactions between two countries in many respects depend on how active their regions are. The Ulyanovsk region (Russia) has been working together with the Aktyubinsk region (Kazakhstan) for many years. Cooperation details are specified in the activity plan for 2016-2018 and the agreement, which was signed between the Government of the Ulyanovsk region and Khokimiyat of the Aktyubinsk region.