Sergey Morozov has presented experience of the Ulyanovsk region at the All-Russian economic meeting

The Governor made a report during the event in Moscow on 12 November. It was organized by the Free Economic Society of Russia with assistance of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. The meeting’s main topic was "Russian Economy: Strategy for Breakthrough".


“I represent the region that has difficulties transferring to the market economy due to objective historical reasons. In many respects, expert assessment of economic problems and processes, which we use when making all major decisions, helped us achieve the results we have today. Today we have set ambitious goals to take the leading positions in the Volga Federal District. The situation was absolutely different just 10-15 years ago. At that time the Ulyanovsk region was among down regions with a low level of social and economic development (lower than the 80th place among all regions of the Russian Federation). To address this situation, we focused on improvement of the investment component in the regional economy and the business environment. As a result of these decisions, now the region is among ten most attractive territorial subjects of the Russian Federation from the investment point of view. This is also confirmed by our investors who provided about 92 billion rubles to the Ulyanovsk region's economy following the results of 2017. This is the record result for our region in Russia’s history and makes about 27% in GRP”, - noted Sergey Morozov during his presentation.

According to the experts of the Ulyanovsk Region Center for Strategic Research, the gross regional product has increased five times since the mid-2000s. Over the last 5 years, the growth rate of GRP was never lower than 5%, and the index of industrial production was no less than 100 percent. The regional budget revenues have gone eight-fold. As the Governor emphasized, this helped to increase expenses on the social sphere considerably and to improve living standards.

Sergey Morozov said that in the coming years, authorities of the Ulyanovsk region will focus on development of conditions to ensure economic growth and to mitigate negative factors. The key objectives include fighting against shade economy, enhancing productivity, increasing budget revenues and reducing poverty. The head of the region suggested that experts of the Free Economic Society should take part in development of solutions for these tasks, which will be relevant for all regions of the Russian Federation.

Within a working visit to Moscow, the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region discussed future prospects of region development with Sergey Glazyev, Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation, Vice President of the Free Economic Society of Russia, the vice president of VEO of Russia, RAS Academician.