Five regional projects to become the key ones in implementation of the national project “Demografiya” in the Ulyanovsk region

On 15 November, the Governor Sergey Morozov held a joint meeting of the Council for Family and Population Policy, National Projects and the Presidium of the Council for Reforms. Regional programmes, which will help with implementation of the national project “Demografiya”, became the discussion's main topic.


“We can solve demographic problems only by finding solutions for the main social and economic issues of the region as a whole. In other words, we need to create the best conditions for people in the Ulyanovsk region. That is why I think that the national project "Demografiya" is the key one. All municipalities and industries should be involved in its implementation. In addition, heads of municipalities must be personally responsible for this process. Each district of the region should develop plans for implementation of this important project”, - the head of the region said.

According to Ekaterina Uba, First Deputy Prime Minister, currently there are five key regional programmes that will be included in the national project "Demografiya", which was approved in the Presidential Decree of 7 May 2018. These projects include "financial support to families upon birth of a child", "employment for women – creating conditions for preschool education of children under three years old", "the senior generation", "public health improvement" and "new fitness and sports for the population". Each project already has an executives and a working group that will supervise its implementation, and project documentation has been developed.

“First of all, I am talking about the regional project "Financial Support to Families upon Birth of a Child" aimed to provide financial support to families with children and to increase availability of IVF services. The major role is taken by programmes adopted by the President of the Russian Federation and that will allow to attract 2.3 billion rubles to the regional budget from the federal one over the first three years of their implementation. This sum will be used to provide monthly payments to more than eight thousand families who gave upon birth of the first, third or any subsequent child. Speaking about the second programme, we have to create all necessary conditions for employment of women with children. This includes making preschool education available for all children under three years old by 2021. To achieve this result, we are going to create about 1.5 thousand places for children under three years old. It is also planned to provide vocational training to about two thousand women with maternity leave until the child reaches 3 years of age”, - Ekaterina Uba said.

The Senior Generation project aims to increase the period of active ageing and to extend healthy life expectancy, as well as to create a system of long-term care for elderly citizens and disabled people. The main objective of the project is to extend healthy life expectancy in the Ulyanovsk region up to 67 years by 2024. “We are planning to achieve this indicator through a number of criteria that should be completed in the region. These include preventive check-ups of Ulyanovsk residents, vocational training and supplementary education for the senior generation, and increasing the number of active ageing population. Today about 330 thousand elderly people live in the region and they need our support. For example, currently home care is provided in all municipal units of the Ulyanovsk region. Twenty-seven offices of social services centers and three non-state organizations render home services to the Ulyanovsk region's population. About six thousand Ulyanovsk residents require them. In addition, the number of Active Ageing Centers is increasing, as well as the number of citizens who want to be active and healthy. There are about 100 centers that help our senior generation in the region”, - commented Olga Kasimova, Deputy Minister of Health, Family and Social Wellbeing.

The Public Health Improvement programme aims to create an incentive system for citizens to lead a healthy lifestyle, which includes good nutrition and giving up bad habits. The fifth project - New Fitness and Sports for the Population - is connected with development of sport in the region and focuses on increasing the number of Ulyanovsk residents doing exercise up to 55% by 2024. It is planned to make various venues and sport facilities available to the population in municipalities. This involves upgrading equipment in sport schools, training of coaches, and involving young people in mass sport.