Automotive industrial cluster created in the Ulyanovsk region

The Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant has become the anchor enterprise.


“The automotive industry is the most important one for the Ulyanovsk region's economy. In 2018, enterprises of the automotive cluster shipped over 42 billion rubles worth of products. Volumes of manufactured and shipped goods are growing at a stable rate. This is why we expect that localization levels will also increase, as well as capacity utilization at the local plants for production of components. In addition, the auto cluster will optimize expenses for the end manufacturer through involvement of alternative suppliers from among producers in the Ulyanovsk region. Recently we made a decision to create a technology park in the sphere of high technologies. I am sure that these key events in the field of automotive industry will become mutually advantageous both for participants of the cluster and for the region,” - the Governor Sergey Morozov noted.

According to Andrey Tyurin, First Deputy Chairman of the regional Government, the auto cluster of the Ulyanovsk region has been included in the register of industrial clusters of the Russian Federation since November 2018. “Now according to the order of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia (Minpromtorg), participants of our cluster can use incentives in the sphere of industry provided by the legislation,” - he added.

In addition to the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant, the cluster includes enterprises-suppliers for production of automotive components and educational institutions that provide training of qualified personnel in the automotive industry. Among the participants are such companies as "Ulplast", "DAAZ-Shtamp", "Avtosvet", "DimitrovgradZhgutKomplekt", "UAZ-Avtokomponent", "Zavod Signal", and others. In total, more than 16 thousand people work at the enterprises of the auto cluster.

“Today we have already created a development programme, which implementation will improve economic and technological indicators of the enterprises that will take part in the cluster, as well as promote regional industry according to the strategic programmes of the Ulyanovsk region. Establishment of a single cluster will have a positive impact on workforce productivity. Creation of high-performance jobs, regular improvement of training and salaries will ensure increase in the production rate,” - said Marina Glukhova, Director General of the association of mechanical engineering enterprises "Automotive Industrial Cluster of the Ulyanovsk region".

The auto cluster is designed to expand cooperation between participants, to bring their goods to new sales markets and to promote creation of new local productions.

According to Alexander Lagunov, Deputy Director General of OOO "UAZ", the federal status of the cluster will allow its participants to get major state support. “Now we are working on joint projects that will qualify for support from the federal budget funding. The cluster's enterprises will be able to compensate up to 50% of costs for implementation of projects on production development: manufacture of equipment, training of personnel, and certification of products. The companies will have an opportunity to expand their list of items, and the cluster will give impetus to increase workforce productivity and competitiveness of our suppliers,” - Alexander Lagunov added.

It is planned that suppliers of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant located outside the region will also be a part of the auto cluster, and the association will get an interregional status.