Ulyanovsk nanocenter is among Russia's most effective technology parks following the results of 2017

According to results of the IV National Rating of Russian technology parks, ULNANOTECH was included into the I Group (A+) with the efficiency level above 110%.


The association of clusters and technology parks of Russia published results of the IV analysis, which purpose is to identify and apply the best management practices for technology parks and residents' success stories. The rating included 38 technology parks located in 22 regions. Technology parks of Moscow, the Republic of Mordovia, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Moscow and Ulyanovsk regions, and the Republic of Tatarstan demonstrated the greatest effectiveness.

“The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin specified 13 new national projects, one of which is the national project "Nauka". It includes creation of research and educational centers, equipment upgrade in the leading scientific organizations, participation of young people in innovative industries. It is also implemented in our region, in particular, through mechanisms of public private partnership. The Ulyanovsk Nanocenter is a great example that has the best intellectual potential and annually generates leading-edge ideas and practices in the sphere of high technologies. We also support him regarding tax incentives. This year we have lowered the income tax rate to 13.5% and nullified property and transport taxes for management companies and residents of technology parks”, – the Governor Sergey Morozov emphasized.

ULNANOTECH has participated in the rating three year in a row and it is among hi-tech technology parks with the highest level of efficiency. “The number of participants is annually increasing, the assessment method is being improved, new criteria are being added, and the assessment itself is becoming more complex. Not only do we act as an infrastructure creating conditions for growth, but we also continue improving our companies and establishing cooperation with major industrial leaders. Our residents are developing and growing and there is the need for new venues; that is why this year we have commissioned the fourth facility of 2.5 thousand sq.m, which will allow to expand our ecosystem and to promote the regional project "Technology Valley”, – said Dmitri Pak, Director General of the Ulyanovsk nanocenter "ULNANOTECH".

The analysis of work is carried out across 16 indicators. Among them is innovative and economic activity of residents, overall performance of the technology park's management company, and investment attractiveness and transparency. At the same time, technology parks are divided into several groups: ones with the highest level of efficiency, ones with a high level, ones with a moderately high level, ones with a moderate level and ones with a sufficient level. According to results of the rating, the Ulyanovsk nanocenter was included into the I Group (A+) – "The highest level of efficiency of the technology park" (over 110%).

As a reference:

ULNANOTECH (Ulyanovsk) is a nanotechnological center (part of the RUSNANO network of nanocenters) that focuses on investment activities and support of technology entrepreneurship at early stages, as well as searching for technologies and creation of tech startups. It has the status of a hi-tech technology park.