Ulyanovsk region is preparing to commission the Federal High-Technology Center of Nuclear Medicine

On 29 November, the Head of FMBA of Russia Vladimir Uyba and the Governor Sergey Morozov checked the construction progress of the facility.


The medical center in Dimitrovgrad is unique not only for Russia but also for the whole world. It will help residents from the Ulyanovsk region and other federal subjects of the Russian Federation. The project is implemented within the state programme "Creation of Federal Centers of Medical Radiological Technologies in 2008–2012" in accordance with Vladimir Putin's orders. The total funding amounts to more than 20 billion rubles. The facility will be able to help twenty thousand patients a year.

Considering the large number of facilities and their floor space - more than 20 buildings of about 100 thousand square meters, – they will be commissioned in three stages. The first two have already been completed. Construction and installation activities have been carried out in all buildings. The proton facility, the pharmacy, catering facilities, the advisory clinic, the PET-center, radiological and rehabilitation facilities, the central heat distribution station and other major buildings have been completed.

“The proton center will be able to help patients starting from the first quarter of 2019. We have already hired staff members for it. We are planning to complete the third stage of construction until the end of December. This includes administrative and surgical blocks, as well as the in-patient facility of radionuclide therapy. Thus, until the end of this year we will commission the whole center. Later we will the licensing procedure; and in the second half of the year, the facility will become fully functional”, - Vladimir Uyba noted.

Thanks to the regional authorities, construction of the highway along the territory of the Federal High-Technology Center of Nuclear Medicine is almost complete. It will interconnect the western part of Dimitrovgrad and the medical complex.

The head of the region Sergey Morozov assured that the region would live up to its commitment to create city infrastructure. “The Center of Nuclear Medicine will help complete the tasks set by the President of the Russian Federation in national projects. Our budget should include money for development of the social infrastructure in the city because experts of high level will come to work here. We will provide funds for repair and construction of new facilities such as schools, kindergartens, and sports centers. We have already allocated 800 million rubles to purchase housing for experts, and next year this sum will be increased. All these measures will stimulate development of the construction business and its other forms. One more task should be solved - I am talking about development of transport network, as well as car and train connections with the nearest regional centers such as Ulyanovsk and Samara. We should provide comfortable buses so that any person who wants to come to Dimitrovgrad could do it as fast as possible”, - Sergey Morozov emphasized.

We would like to remind that 2.8 billion rubles were included into the in the federal budget to purchase housing for employees of the facility. According to the road map, it is planned to build 26 houses with 750 flats. Construction of five phases of the residential district "Akademgorodok" has been completed; here personnel of the Center of Nuclear Medicine will be able to acquire apartments on preferential terms. Two hundred and ninety six flats with the total area of about 14.2 thousand sq.m have already been commissioned. In 2019, it is planned to increase the number of available housing facilities.